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Cheryl Yolanda Howard, MA., BCPC., MTS., aka the Inspirational and Empowerment Specialist, Healthy Relationship Consultant and Specialist Cheryl has been called to help build up others in the most holy faith and inspire others on how to break through & Re-purpose Barriers while moving toward their purpose, Improve/Enhance their relationships, communication; build self-esteem, confidence and courage with a transformed-mind set to live their best version of self. She has also served in volunteering and working in the human service field in a variety of roles as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, Inspirational Life Coach, Qualified Mental Health Professional, Positive Behavioral  Intervention Support Specialist, Employment CoachAssociate Pastor and Evangelist. Cheryl is also a Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker. Cheryl wrote columns for the Examiner as NY Christian Examiner and Richmond Natural Beauty Examiner, owns a blog at NurturedNaturallyByCheryl.com about nurturing self, hair, families, relationships and offering products and more.

She Recalls a message that she says God gave her in her spirit, and she preached it at a transitional house where she and her daughter stayed several months. The title of  her message was, ‘Push God, Push.’ Cheryl said this was her cry out to God to push her forward whenever she felt the pressures and vicissitudes of life and faced hardship. This is one of her many sermons preached there. She not only encouraged others with this same message to walk into their ordained, predestined, and chosen destiny, purpose and position but she was also being pushed by the Holy Spirit to fulfill every vision that God spoke into her and her daughter’s life. Get Your Life Back ‘Inspirational Life Coaching’ & Healing for Your Soul Ministries is Directed/Founded by Ms. Howard. As a part of her education in human services, social work and everyday work, Cheryl has learned first hand, the art and techniques of life coaching both secular and spiritually-based.

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  • My life coaching services are direct and integrated with both biblical truths and theories based on my studies in psychology. Some of my coaching techniques are combined with brief-counseling methods/theories.
  • Motivational Interviewing-focuses on exploring and resolving ambivalence through stages of change (from non-contemplation to contemplation to change behaviors), it is non-imposing or non-coercive, “Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative conversation to strengthen a person’s own motivation for and commitment to change.” Of course, we combine this part of this method with the scriptures motivate change and encourage clients to add Christian values to their lives.
  • Existential-method-helps relate the client’s unfulfilled “needs” and “potential” to issues and teach them how to redirect their energy/focus to best fulfill their needs and reach their potential, while also concentrating on key scriptures to facilitate these changes and relying on God to fulfill every need.
  • Borrow from Positive Reinforcement, Reality Therapy, Rogerian-Theory and Spiritual Coaching combined (may be direct, in your face, confrontational perspective) presenting true solutions to the issues, used to motivate clients and encourage them to focus on positive aspects of their life and support, to move forward from present, and help them to become self-directed, using the word of God as guidance for solutions, and affirmation. Direct Communication-is used to help push you to your next level of milestone achievement.


FYI (For Your Inspiration)

From Cheryl:

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I HAD A VISION: One day, I had a vision through the prophetic gift God has given me as a seer, that I actually went into a place where an enemy stole my friends’ and family’s gifts and talents, and I began to take every gift and talent I could find before the enemy came back. I was running through the place grabbing talents and gifts with anger towards the enemy and I remembered that as I was grabbing everything, I kept stating, “And I’m taking this, and give me back this….” The vision was surreal and as a result, I better understood one of the missions that God had planned for me concerning my family, friends and others thus, Get Your Life Back Ministries and Christian Life Coaching are Birth!

Educational Background/Qualifications:

  • Masters of Arts Human Services/Marriage and Family Counseling-Liberty University’s Center for Counseling and Family Studies-VA
  • M.T.S-Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Graduate School-VA
  • Bachelors of Science in Human Services-Touro College-NY
  • Board Certified Pastoral Counselor-Board of Christian Professional & Pastoral Counselors-VA
  • Certificate-The Art of Preaching I & II-The Greater Allen Cathedral Bible Institute-NY
  • Certificate of participation in Brain Fitness Training-Queens Community House-Social Work Intern
  • Two years of Clinical Social Work study-Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services-NY

Something to Share – What Else Qualifies Me as a Life Stylist-Inspirational Life Coach and Consultant?

From my experience as a Integration Counselor, Positive Behavioral Specialist, Trauma-focused Counselor, and mental health professional, It takes a lot of patience, empathy and effective communication skills (and all the fruits of the spirit) to work with individuals with TBI (traumatic brain injuries) and other disabilities, and children and families with trauma, familial, emotional and behavioral issues. I thank God for giving me the real life and direct hands-on experience, the educational opportunity that encompassed life coaching strategies, life skills, clinical support, and having the right heart condition to help individuals with trauma, altered abilities, cognitive deficits, and those who just “feel” stuck! I personally know what it feels like to “feel” stuck and a misfit! I put quotations around “feel” because when you are in Christ you are not stuck but the enemy would like you to believe you are “stuck” but enemy is a liar and there’s no truth in him! (John 8:44). He is also a murderer of dreams and visions if we allow him to infiltrate these…

I stress this part of my life coaching and clinical experience to inform you about my coaching and and counseling skill set used daily with my clients (individuals, children, parents and families) who have traumatic brain injuries, disabilities and other traumatic experiences. I also work with parents and individuals who feel stuck, undone and perplexed about their career, familial and/or household situation, and they seek guidance, inspiration and accountability.

Working with individuals, children and their families has fortified my individual, family and group counseling, and life coaching  skills. My role in family counseling or life skills coaching involves teaching, training and reinforcing parenting skill-building, helping families and children/teens  stay on a positive track, maintain consistency and focus, make the best and healthiest choices to strengthen, enhance, grow, accomplish and achieve milestones toward goal attainment, create structure (organization, prioritizing, sanitation, realistic expectations and rules-positive atmosphere-designing a home plan-reasonable negotiation), unity, and order within their home. I have a passion and burden to work with individuals and families that lack effective/healthy communication, empathy and cohesiveness. With so many families breaking down, I would like to see the cycle broken by acting as a supportive partner/instrument. I’m thanking God for the opportunity to help others and learning a lot from clients/participants, puts me in a better position to help people through  life coaching who have a myriad of issues to work through or breakthrough.


If you want to know more about me…Here’s My Brief Personal Testimonial:

945845_10202110967085080_1598956922_nThrough my testimonials about my personal struggles and issues such as overcoming molestation, fear and insecurity, Fear of speaking in front of crowds, adjusting to life after divorce to single-parenting, experiencing

homelessness/displacement, and from having no HS diploma to earning a BS and two MA degrees starting in my 30′s, making the dean’s list in undergrad and grad school, and launching out into the deep to start my own business(es) to self-publishing my first book, in the midst of my own crisis and this country’s economic crisis…Through Christ, I have uploaded those dreams and visions that were lying dormant as He downloaded blessings and favor upon me and my daughter’s life. You can purchase my new book “Let Me Out!” and understand how God fearfully and wonderfully created you as well for such a time as this! http://letmeout.net/

Through my personal experience and application of equipping and empowering myself through the word of God, I have been able to press through what appeared to be hopeless, tumultuous and uncertain situations and circumstances that many have told me they would have lost their minds or threw in the towel.

   I did what they call “reinventing” myself by journaling my life goals and God’s plan. My journal became what I termed “prophetic writing” which entailed listing the steps to achieve my personal goal attainment and parts of God’s plan that were revealed to me. This list included: going back to school, getting my GED, associates, bachelors and two master’s degrees, designing a template/plan for my ministry, step by step process of achieving each milestone and the eliminating of baggage, and negative energy (folks, bad habits, negative thoughts, etc.), helping my daughter heal after the divorce, connecting my daughter with positive Christian leadership programs and schools for her personal and spiritual development. I also enrolled her in recreational activities and performing arts programs that matched her gifts, interests, skill, talent and heart’s desire and more. Even after making this list, it didn’t mean that I wouldn’t face catastrophes or obstacles.
   During my journey of getting my life back, I’ve experienced homelessness after I was laid off from my part-time job and also experienced living in transitional housing until I was able to get another job and my own apartment again. I can identify with the challenges, obstacles and fears of starting a fresh start in life and understand the importance of having cheerleaders (support) to help along the way. This is why I decided to become a Personal Christian Life Coach and help others become empowered and equipped through biblical principles/application to live independent, productive, purposeful, joyful and meaningful lives. Me and fear had a fight and I won. I want to help You overcome any internal and external barriers (emotional, psychological or behavioral, familial or environmental) that may hinder your efforts at enhancing Your quality of life.

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