Emotions Expressed In Leadership

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Successful Leadership

I declare that “Self-Awareness is Key to Successful Leadership”

So let’s talk about how our emotional status affect our actions, behavior and relationships. 

Too many times we enter into positions leadership positions as well as personal and professional partnerships with open wounds and emotional baggage unhealed and/or unresolved issues that both sabotage and hinder our growth and effectiveness. The symptoms that become apparent are the ways we handle and serve people from a hurt, painful and damaged place, and we can negatively affect them in the process. Instead of functioning as assertive, humble and compassionate leaders including teachers, pastors, life coaches, politicians, entrepreneurs, parents, medical and mental health professionals, etc., the evidence of an emotionally unhealthy individual permeates. A few of these emotional dysfunctional symptoms often display as: being often angered and irritable, arrogant, oppressive, passive, dictatorial and domineering. Underlying issues that plague many-causing them to display the above symptoms usually stem out of fear, trauma, brokenness and insecurity, and low self-esteem.

Instead of functioning as assertive, humble and compassionate leaders including teachers, pastors, life coaches, politicians, entrepreneurs, parents, medical professionals, etc., the evidence of an emotionally unhealthy individual permeates. A few of these emotional dysfunctional symptoms often display as being easily-angered and irritable, arrogant, authoritarian, dictatorial and domineering. Underlying issues that plague many-causing them to display the above symptoms usually stem out of fear, brokenness and insecurity, and low self-esteem.

For the most part, leaders are influential and have a responsibility to his/her audience, followers, mentees and/or students. If we are not careful or emotionally healed, discerning of our actions and reactions, we will spew out emotional, confused, misleading and violent communication without being aware. As we can see, developing healthy emotions and practicing positive behaviors prior to obtaining a position of leadership is essential. Without growing and healing from past unresolved issues, leaders can become dangerous to themselves and others.

Things to Remember:

Proven Fact I. Because it is factually, physically and psychologically proven, that one of the initial things that people tend to do when experiencing anger, stress and rising anxiety is to slow down or stop their normal rhythm of breathing-lowering a healthy amount of oxygen that helps the brain function well in terms of having cognitive clarity (thinking clearly) and ability to recall.

Proven Fact II. Another scientific, neurological and physiological finding is that during anger outbursts, stress and low emotions such as experiencing depressive moods (that we all may experience such as feeling sad due to loss, hurt, disappointment, abandonment and of course depression and clinical depression, etc.,) effect our short-term memory. Short-term memory (causing temporarily impaired short-term memory). (Finding and more information above and below can be found in hyperlink resources provided).

Proven Truth: Neuropsychology/neuroscience (study of the brain and body) discusses cognitive, cellular and emotional memory, and how what is stored in that memory can affect us in the present. I.e., as you think of a time that you were burned, gave birth, been abused in any kind of way, you begin to feel it in your body in the present, although it happened previously, and experience that emotion and pain now. The body remembers the pain and effect, and sends signals to the brain. This is why we need to be healed emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Some of us are carrying issues stemming from earlier traumatic experiences within our bodies and it affects us today. The right trigger can set off our amygdala part of the brain to fire off-causing us to become explosive with outbursts of anger. This negative experience overworks the hippocampus part of our brain which is designed to soothe and calm the brain.

We all need to pay more attention to what’s going on inside ourselves and maintain overall awareness as we effect change in others we lead, inspire, motivate and help.



From the Page to the Stage Virtual Summit

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Summit Flyer2

I have to talk about this monumental event to share with you because so many of us have visions and dreams that we either keep in the back of our minds or write down on pages in our journals, notebooks or even on vision boards as a reminder to keep us accountable. However, many of us either get distracted, discouraged for several reasons or off focus from our goals to actualize our dreams and visions and they just stay on the pages and boards.


Well, the main purpose of this summit is to gently and boldly push you to the next level which is taking actions needed to birth those visions and dreams into reality. Sometimes we need cheerleading, a push, motivation, inspiration and coaching to help us move forward.


I know how important it is stay focused even if things we encounter in life makes us take a pause, we can still get back on track in due season. Well, this is due season for many of you. I believe testimonials, stories and shared experiences of other people who have gone through their own trials and mountainous situations similar to yours can be a powerful tool to move you closer toward destiny and purpose.


These speakers have extraordinary stories of success, past failures and restarts, the right mindset and practical actions steps that they will share so you can live what you dream as well. Their background is diverse therefore, able to relate to your journey and process. If you haven’t registered yet, you still can at: bit.ly/FROMTHEPAGETOTHESTAGE  Or bit.ly/fromthepagetothestagesummit


So there, after you have registered for free and join us on April 19-April 25 (7 days), I will be looking forward to hearing your testimonial about how you were inspired and changed from this summit. Please don’t forget to invite others in your neighborhood, community and family. Even share with your organization, church members, co-workers and people in transitional homes and shelters, etc. I want this to be blessing and life shift for someone including yourself. You can leave your comments and testimonials Here and also be the first to find out about upcoming events such as this, life purpose strategies, continued inspiration and motivational discussions and more.


Don’t forget to check out speaker’s profiles and more info at: bit.ly/FROMTHEPAGETOTHESTAGE

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Well Who are You Anyway?

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Identify Your Purpose

My strengths that led me to one of my purposes: 1. Provoking thought in people to think deeper about how they effect their family, friends and communities. 2. Speaking positive affirmations and focusing on glass half full. 3. Pointing out people’s skills, spiritual gifts & talent. 4. Encourage. 5. Show empathy. This all turned into: Helping Individuals overcome negative experiences by transforming their mindset and realize their potential in order to live in and on purpose as a Certified Life Purpose Coach. Is that cool or what?!! WHAT’S YOUR STRENGTH(S): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Welcome to Mother Daughter Talk Show

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Mom and me

Yay! It’s here… I’m excited about me and my daughter’s new adventure.

Follow and/or subscribe now and be ready to tune into our broadcasts on our new YouTube channel “Mother Daughter Talk” where we will have tea talks, discussions on life, love, relationships, goals, skits, humor, mother-daughter and Father-daughter bond, education, peer pressure, self-esteem, inspirational, motivational moments and more. This will be fun! Thank you for the support, we are excited to share our conversations and creativity with you! Stay tuned 🎬 

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfxB2whRen97XRzNIf9SrnQ 

Watermark Grey MD Talk

Our Intro:

Here’s our first show topic, “Transitions and Truth Talk with mom.” To stay updated, you can subscribe to our channel at:


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Total ReclaimYou can still get your life back. Reclaim your time. Reclaim your purpose. Reclaim your life.

You may think that just because so much time is loss in between getting started on a project, dream or goal and feeling stuck, discouraged or lost due to interruptions, distractions and unforeseen events that took place in your life. I felt that way after my divorce, by a being a high school drop out up into my 30’s and watching others “pass me by” or so it seemed.

I remember the dream I had years ago in my early 40’s where I was in “The Thief’s” dwelling place. In his dwelling place, there was stolen gifts, talents and possessions that he’d taken from other people. His plot was to steal and keep mine and my family’s destiny and purpose. I actually dreamed that I started packing up everything that he/it had taken and as I was taking my stuff back, I verbally stated, “Give me this and give me that, and you can’t have my daughter’s stuff either and so on. What I was doing was taking authority over the enemy who is a thief and deceiver. He tries to make you buy into and co-sign with his deceit, lies and thievery. He wants you to believe that it is too late to retry and succeed. Well let me tell you…

It doesn’t matter that you were left back, felt left behind, had a delay, been abandoned, face an obstacle, need a redo, facing a mountain, etc., So yeah, I went back to school and got a GED, a couple of degrees and certifications along the way. But this is not about me, this is about you. You can hear my story on video later. But YOU! You can RECLAIM Your Purpose, REDEEM the Time & GET YOUR LIFE BACK! I know what it feels like to start from scratch to complete unfinished matters in order to fulfill my purpose and utilize my talents, gifts and skills.

In the words of California Rep Maxine Waters-Congresswoman, “Reclaiming my time” “Reclaiming my time.” Check, it, I’m still reclaiming my time…

If you need support, life strategies to help you begin your journey of walking in your purposes, discovering your purpose and developing action plans to keep you accountable and focused, Connect with me: getyourlifeback7@gmail.com.
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Equestrian Fun

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I had the most fun engaging in one of my favorite activities. Horseback riding.

Fun at work Equestrian2

But, what made it most special this time was bringing others with me for the equestrian component of interacting with horses.

Journey of Hope for Autism in Chesterfield VA is a special place that provides equine assisted services to people with developmental disabilities, Healing needs and anyone who loves horseback riding. Their specialty is teaching children with autism by helping build bonds and trust and allow them to open up with nature. The director and staff believes that “Horses and people have great healing powers and that is what this is all about.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria-director in Summer of 2016 when I was seeking part-time employment for a client who shared with me, his love for horse. It was then, that I fell in love with Journey of Hope and purposed in my mind that I would engage current and prospective clients (with or without disabilities) I feel would benefit from equine services. Heck, I enjoy it myself. Here are some photos posted on the non-for-profit organization’s Facebook Page.  And cool lady Victoria, is seen below with a white T-shirt and white horse with a pink bandana.

Tim on horse Ryan on horse

me on horse Journey of Hope

Enjoy your holiday weekend! BTW, what are you doing for the holiday? I want to know. I’m having a small family BBQ in my backyard…

We Had A Good Summit Run

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7 day email heading for summit

Hey Wonderfully Made People. I have to share how awesome my first virtual summit turned out. The speakers were impactful and shared their powerful stories of overcoming traumatic events in their lives. We all transparently described some of our battles with low self-esteem, forgiveness, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, insecurity, addictions, loss, and more. What I wanted was for people to be inspired, motivated and encouraged to live on and in their purpose.

Dr. Gabe Youtube

What top it off, is that my special guest speaker and consulting expert Dr. Gabriel Crenshaw aka Dr. Gabe, contributed to the summit by providing valuable insight about trauma. Dr. Gabe discussed the adverse effects or traumatic experiences and how they negatively impact us emotionally and mentally. He also shares a few intervention models that are effective/helpful toward coping, healing and overcoming symptoms of traumatic events.

I will never forget this experience and the testimonials I received in Facebook inbox posts from those who signed up and watched the video presentations of speakers. Since more people are still signing up for the summit while the replays are still available, you might as well sign up to in order to see the them at: bit.ly/traumatotriumphsummit. Please comment under videos, on this blog or any of my social media networks. Oh and have your pin and paper to journal the strategies shared by the speakers that may help you or someone you know, work through their traumatic experience and heal.