Get Your Life Back Academy

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Purpose Passion Finder Workshop (online)


What if I could help you identify your strongest skills and talent that you should be using as a blessing to others? Are you ready to operate in your passion and purpose but need to get more clear about what that is?

* Need to know your why? *Use my simple but creative method of zeroing in on your strengths and passions connected to your Purpose.

               New Mind Cognitive Transformation


My New Mind Program is a Cognitive Spiritual Transformation that will help so many with their toxic and unhealthy mindset and deficit of faith in order to live a purposeful, meaningful and productive life. You can live in an emotional healed place.
Together we go on a journey of transforming your mindset and spirit from toxic and unhealthy thoughts and language to a healthy mindset, helpful thinking, fruitful language that builds you up instead of tearing you down, that can see optimism without shutting it down and more.
Launch date will be released soon…