Get Your Life Back Coaching Services are not a NYS Licensed agency but a division of  Get Your Life Back Counseling Ministries and the Director Cheryl Howard is not a (NYS Licensed) Mental Health Counselor but does professional counseling (separate/outside of Christian counseling as well) under the direction of another agency licensed by the NYS Department of Health for clients who have disabilities, mental & behavioral health challenges. Cheryl is a member of AACC-American Association of Christian Counselors and a Board Certified Clinical Pastoral Counselor through BCPPC-Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors, CANS Certified with The Praed Foundation.   

bcppc_large_logoCANS certification framed _______________________________________________________________________________________

 Your Privacy/Confidentiality:

It is your choice to remain anonymous or not, any  session would be confidential and the only time where I may share or  disclose your issue is in the case of child abuse, elder abuse or other  form of domestic violence and if you threaten to harm yourself or  others, or if I have to, for certain cases, consult one of my other counselors/professionals to collaborate with me (while keeping your  personal info private) so we can better assist and serve you after  discussing matter with you first (your name will remain anonymous)  and/or if you prefer, with a written consent either via  email-mailed.  Your info below goes to my personal email address (only). After submission below a consent and contract form will be emailed to  you to fill out and emailed back to the above email address.

Confidentiality via Internet:

You understand that when receiving coaching/counseling through email, online or telephone, it is almost impossible to guarantee 100% confidentiality protection. I/We will do everything possible to protect against intrusions on our end, and you can practice the same. It is our belief that clients must take precautions where confidentiality can be broken as a result of sending your own messages to me or mine sent to you is not secure. If you send/receive emails from your work computer, your supervisor or superior may be able to or entitled to view these emails. And unless you have your own password-protected email account at home, family members and others with access to your email account may be able to breach your confidentiality. So please be sure that you’re not sending/receiving emails either from your workplace or from an unsecured email account at home.

When using your home computer, please make sure that you are the only person with access to your personal email account. In terms of confidentiality problems with telephone sessions, please understand that if you choose to use a cordless or cell phone during a phone session with me, someone with a scanner could possibly hear you talk. Finally, there is always the remote possibility that a hacker will breach the confidentiality of our email transmissions. To my knowledge, this has never happened to a counselor who is working online, e.g. confidentiality being breached by hackers, but there is always a first time. To summarize, there are risks to your confidentiality online, as there are in an office setting as well. However, we believe these risks to be considerably small assuming common sense is used and appropriate precautions are taken to protect emails sent and received.

_____________All of this info is in the contract for you to sign _____________

· Please feel free to ask questions about any aspect of the life coaching process.

· You need to be willing to discuss what troubles you have and be open to change.

. You may remember unpleasant events, arouse intense emotions, and/or alter close relationships.


Affiliations: American Association of Christian Counselors and the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors

Remember that Jesus is called wonderful, Counselor

                                         (Isaiah 9:6)



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