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We are open! Yay! 

We’re so excited about our Pop-up Summer Saturday Teen-Girl Empowerment & Dance Workshops in Richmond VA June 9th – September 2018. Register Now if you’re in Richmond or the surrounding areas. Space is limited.

Life Purpose Coach, Speaker and Director Cheryl Y. Howard is hosting a GDW in N. Chesterfield County (Richmond VA). Participants will receive life skill coaching on Healthy relationships, Liturgical /Modern/African Dance, Leadership, Financial literacy, Abstinence education, Career/Edu Goal setting, Self-esteem/Confidence building, Effective Communication, Substance use Edu, Entrepreneurship, Emotional/Physical/Mental Wellness, Equine/Equestrian Activities, and much more. Here’s more info:


“Mission of “Goddaughters” Where the Community & Villagers Act as Godparents!

Goddaughters’ is a leadership, empowerment, mentoring program, and a movement that is targeted towards the female Youth (but will expand to our Godsons program). Its mission uses a holistic approach to wellness that will stir up an inner-revival and motivation in young girls, adolescents and young women, and lead them towards finding their identity. ‘Goddaughters’ is also designed to teach on empowerment, confidence, godly/self-esteem, self-care, ambition, nurturance, healthy relationships, healing, healthy maturation, celibacy education, leadership, education, arts-enhancing education, healthy communication, and determination coupled with zeal, and tenacity in order to push them into their ordained purpose, destiny and mission. Where the Community  & Villagers are the godparents! Learn more about Cheryl on the Goddaughters Workshop Site or at Cherylyhoward.com.

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Another Brief Intro about the GDW:


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