The Coaching Process

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New Beginnings Can Start Here! Get Your Life Back! Use Me-Your Inspirational Life Coach! Your Pusher! Your Midwife! Your Cheerleader! Your Mentor!

Begin your transformation Now. Invest in yourself! Value yourself! Take the first step on the Initial Assessment page and My Coaching Services page then, shoot me a message about your goals, plans, concerns, issues or request and let’s get started.

My aim;

My purpose is to service individuals who recognize that although they need coaching, an accountability partner, a pusher and they understand the importance of investing in themselves, their financial deficit does not allow them to afford thousands of dollars on this service. Because I encounter many who desire a life coach to help them with their life goals to enhance their lives in various areas, battle with the crisis of feeling stuck due to lack of finances, I wanted to reach “this target group” of individuals.”


me on phone talkingif you need support and assistance with assessing, exploring and discovering your next STEP or YOUR PURPOSE/GOAL…Click Here: BOOK A 30 MIN EXPLORATORY / DISCOVERY SESSION with CHERYL HOWARD.

The Coaching Process

  • The coaching process begins by you completing the INITIAL ASSESSMENT FORM so I can get a brief understanding of your presenting needs, gaps and goals. Time/Means: next, you will receive a complimentary (20 min.) telephone call to explore our compatibility as a Coach-Client match/relationships which depends on my experience, level of expertise, personality and your area of need to ensure match and results. During this call, fees, types of sessions (Face to face/email/SKYPE/Phone/Periscope), scheduling, and materials/tools needed will be discussed. Should you decide to work with me, the next step is to complete the GetYourLifeBackIntake_Coaching-Agreement. If you live in or around Richmond VA area, the initial session can be conducted face to face in local location. For a more personal visual connection and follow-up sessions will/can continue via phone, email, Periscope & SKYPE.
  • As your hired personal coach, I am committed to working with you so after the above tasks are established, we will set up the next few topics/tasks to discuss and work on our first official coaching session. You will be assigned homework but nothing intense or overwhelming. Homework may include: reading specific scriptures, finding Bible verses that ministers to you, personal and family; do career and education journaling to track your progress, calendaring your goals and priorities, learning positive affirmations; time management, purposely making time for self-care, etc.
  • As your coach, I am hired to encourage you to stay focus on tasks and goals to keep you on your forward track, keep you accountable, and in between sessions, I will connect with you via email for support.
  • As your coach, I will challenge and push you (in a good way) to step out on faith and believe God through each step you make towards reaching milestones in goal attainment. I will commit to praying for you and with you, send you messages of inspiring affirmations and relevant scriptures pertaining to you as a whole person (holistically-mind, body, spirit, purpose, etc.).

Length of Coaching Relationship

  • ULTIMATELY, it will be you who determines how successful you become at achieving milestones and reaching goals, making changes and enhancing your quality of life because it’s you have to put the work in with me as your support-mid-wife-cheerleader.
  • YOUR COACHING DURATION may lasts a couple of weeks, 3-6 months, 1 year or ongoing. It all depends on what you need and how committed you are. At some point, one of us will determine when you have reached a good point to continue on your journey without me but still with God.

How It Works

  • As your Inspirational Life Coach, I will work with you by helping you to explore and identify underlying issues, type of relationships you engage in, internal and external barriers, obstacles or challenges to achieving goal attainment.
  • After clarifying your goals and identifying these barriers to success in the gap between now and obtaining goals, we will work on closing the gap and identify other resources.
  • As your coach, I will help you do the macro-work (ultimate/sustainable goal) of establishing important goal(s) and then transition into the micro-work of taking things step by step making each task or goal more manageable for you to. Some goals are multidimensional and need to be broken down into sub-goals/tasks to help you stay focus and not feel overwhelmed.
  • We will examine “weaknesses/strengths, poor habits, and your present and future dreams and visions/goals in order to work on the necessary steps to get there. We will identify your triggers to sabotaging & dysfunctional patterns that need to to break. We will develop action plans and tasks. I will act as your accountability partner!
  • As my client, you will also receive client-appraisal, cheer-leading (support), Direct communication, Correction with love, learn to embrace God’s word that will equip you with the ammunition and empowerment needed to overcome, prosper and progress in your goals. You will develop and improve your ability to focus and navigate to short and long-term goals.
  • You will understand living life based on a biblical worldview rather than YOUR view or a worldly-view. You will learn or reinforce the process of transforming and renewing your mind which will ultimately change your behavior, break negative cognitive thought processes and begin to focus (using new lens) on seeing the half full glass instead of the half empty glass. Developing and maintaining a healthy & positive mind set.

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