Cheryl Y. Howard | Speaker at M.O.R.E Together Retreat 2020

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M.O.R.E Together Retreat 2020

So excited to be one of the speakers this weekend for this empowering women’s event in Portsmouth VA. I know this is a late notice but I am inviting women especially, in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area to participate in this event this weekend if you can make it. I will speaking between 9am and 11am on Saturday morning.

my purpose partner (daughter) and the other awesome women attending and serving at this event this upcoming weekend. From phenomenal speakers, ministry, empowerment, vendors, refreshing, retreating, networking, fellowship, banquet, boat rides, food, water front views, games, fun and more at the MORE Together Retreat hosted by the wonderful and anointed Melody Hansley

Contact info and more details and registration info here

You will love the itinerary:

M.O.R.E Together 2020 Retreat Itinerary
Friday evening
• 4pm-5:30pm Guest Registration
• 6pm Games, fun, & giveaways
Saturday morning
• 8am Morning Meditation & Breakfast
• Speakers, vendors, EmpowerMOMent activities,
• 11:30am-2:30p ferryboat tour to Norfolk for lunch & shopping(price not included)
• 3pm-5:30pm break for R&R (rest & relaxation)
Saturday night
• 6pm-9pm Moms Overcoming Banquet (Black Affair)
• Honoring Ceremony-M.O.R.E. 2020 Recipients
• Thank you’s
• 9p-11pm Enjoy the smooth sounds of DJ Sekou of 94.7 & celebrate YOU! You are M.O.R.E!
Sunday morning
• 9am Breakfast & giveaways
9:30am-10:30am Worship service & secret partner/encourager reveal ♥
• Final giveaway!
• Room check-out
• Farewells until M.O.R.E Together Retreat 2021

Snap Out of It! Spirit of Procrastination!

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I’m here to encourage you to snap out of any thought, core belief or trauma that’s holding you captive. Don’t let your dream die and invest in yourself spiritually, mentally and financially. Do what it takes to heal past anything that is or appear to be a barrier between you and your vision, dream or vision. So because we often get stuck when facing barriers, mountainous situations and valley experiences that makes us feel defeated.
The problem with this is that, although it’s natural to feel depleted, discouraged and stuck, we can get off track and miss the opportune time to progress forward with our goals. With all of the said, I am here to push you to SNAP OUT OF IT! #snapoutofit and break free from the spell of procrastination, self-defeat and disbelief in yourself.

You Want to Be An Author?

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Who always wanted to write and publish and eBook? I asked because many of you are spending more time at home due to the quarantine. You may also be utilizing online learning, creating and finishing projects, etc. I have also been taking advantage of some trainings, webinars, seminars and online summits. In the midst. I have been even more inventive about creating more online/virtual products, courses, workshops and services to help people in various ways. Because I get a lot of people asking me about how I self-published my first book, I decided to create a masterclass which is launched no in Get Your Life Back Academy and a few people recently signed up. 

People are tapping into their hidden talents and creativity, and also taking this time during the quarantine, to refocus, reboot, invest into their health, and even heal from past issues that left wounds. That’s another blog post… Speaking of health, I decided to make this intro video about my masterclass below while walking around the track. Most of you who have been following me for a while, know that I am passionate about helping people live on and in their purpose and passion so instead of me explaining several times, how I written, design and published my book, I felt it would make sense to create a course that a multitude of individuals can enroll and learn all of the strategies I offer at their own pace.



Sign up here: GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te…

Writing an eBook:









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Creating Multiple Streams of Income with A Book

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HI WONDERFULLY MADE PEOPLE! i did not forget you. I have a couple of things that are going on that required so much of my time including clinical documentation that I am beginning to hate now. I looooove serving and helping people but the the paperwork and bureaucracy that comes along with it is killing me and honestly, creating burnout. I know it’s almost time for me to retire/resign and go into full time entrepreneurship.

As soon as I feel my help coming on… (financially and get God’s green light, I’m out). LOL! Anywhoo! One of the things that is/was pulling my time away from blogging much in June, is the courses and masterclasses I have been creating and hosting in Get Your Life Back Academy. I have also been running a campaign for my natural product business and I took a quick weekend getaway that I will share more about in the next few posts.

So back to my masterclasses and latest video. I have a few students/participants who are already enrolled in my two newest workshops, “Purpose Passion Finder Workshop and “How to Write An eBook/Book in 30 Days.”  I have been supporting my participants within my Facebook group as well and providing additional group coaching and this video below is a copy of the chat I had with the group about, “How to monetize and create multiple streams of income with your book/ebook.” It only takes VISION! Share this out with your community:

eBook In 30 Days Masterclass is open

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Masterclass Going Down

It’s published! It’s on!

Yassss! my HOW TO WRITE AN eBOOK IN 30 DAYS MASTERCLASS IS OPEN! I launched it today and two people are signed up already. They have a passion for writing and one aspire to become a first time published author.

If you have plans for writing and publishing your own eBook or book, then I should see you in the masterclass.  Here’s the link to the masterclass for all who want to join. Some of you desire to leverage your business, create multiple streams of income or just tell a story.

How to Write An eBook Masterclass

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New on the Blog 2

Hey Wonderfully Made People! Have you ever wanted to become a published author? Do you want to self-publish an eBook or paperback? And if so, are you in need of support getting started with writing and structuring your book to prepare it for publishing?

Well, the wait is over!


Write An EBook Blog post one

Write An EBook Blog post two

Join the Masterclass Here as soon as it is launched on June 19th!

Get Your Life Back Academy.

How to Chill & Cope During Quarantine

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It’s June Wonderfully Made People and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and advised to quarantine in many places. Many of have or are experiencing feelings of being “antsy” or anxious, bored or unsure about how we should move forward especially if our employment or business has taken on a different look/direction. Well in the video below, I‘m encouraging you to chill and relax and practice engaging in self-care activities during this quarantine in order to focus on “one day at a time” and invest in yourself, dreams, purpose, vision and more. Yes! I know Self-Care has been my main message this season but it’s a needed reminder.

Relax and Chill

I believe many of us can take advantage of this moment by engaging in “Me Time” aka “Self Care activities.” Some of us can take this opportunity to recharge and rest or Prep for a new transition and level in our lives after this monster COVID-19 pandemic is over. Let’s chat about re-purposing your life, experience or skill set… or revisiting projects and unfinished business. In the midst, I’m stressing the importance of learning to create “me time” Some of you are supposed to use this time to take mental breaks, rest more, plan activities, meditate, pray, and simply CHILL your busy mind and spirit.





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Coronavirus 2020 | DIY Natural Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

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Coronavirus 2020 | DIY Natural Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer.

Yep! A How to Make natural hand sanitizer at home. Well, I decided I needed to make my own hand sanitizer since all of the stores are out or seem to run out quickly due to this terrible Corona-virus pandemic. I also wanted to show or remind people that they can make their own at home and figured I would make a video demonstrating how to… Avoid too much contact with alcohol on skin to prevent dryness of skin-causing over dryness, potential cracks/cuts and vulnerability to germs into openness of skin. Make sure to moisturize your hands natural oil, cream or lotion after making sanitizer. Remember that strength of alcohol decrease after formulation/recipe is completed with addition of added ingredients. Thus, the reason it’s better to 91%- 99% alcohol.

Ingredients used: 1. 2/3 to 1 cup of Aloe Vera Plant 2. 1 cup of 70, 91 or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or more (e.g., 40% aloe/60 % Alcohol for stronger solution) (or Witch Hazel for making general less drying hand sanitizer making for future: 8oz. Aloe gel, 1 tbs of witch hazel, 1/2 tsp. Tea Tree oil/Eucalyptus oil/Citrus, and 2 capsules or 1/4 teaspoon or 4-5 drops of Vitamin E oil). 3. A few drops of Vitamin E 4. Vegetable Lecithin or Vegetable Glycerin 5. Anti-microbial/Antiseptic Essential Oils (Rosemary/Tea Tree/Eucalyptus)

Equipment Used:

1. Mixing Bowl

2. Spatula/Spoon/Knife

3. Cutting board

4. Electric Mixer/Blender or Hand Whisk

5. Packaging: 2 – 3 oz. size glass or plastic Bottles/Jars and labeling 6. Funnel


1. Cut/Peel skin

2. Scoop out Aloe gel into bowl

3. Begin mixing to loosen gel

4. Add Alcohol (blend well together)

5. Add all other ingredients (blend well again

6. Use funnel to pour into jars/bottles

7. Label jar for safe use and everyone knows what’s inside the jar.

To order my natural handcrafted body, scalp and hair butters visit: or

Mobile salon in DMV area:


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Pop up and Join Us Today!

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Here’s an update in this video I posted yesterday about today’s workshop:


We will leave the light on for you up to 10 minutes after 4pm and then we are beginning. We didn’t want you to miss out on this self-care group.

Self Care Workshop Part II (4pm Today) Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 649 527 8141

Self Care Workshop Facebook Event Page for updates and more…

Self-Care Pop-up Workshop Part II

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Everything was smooth sailing Ya’ll!

You R In Save Date

We really enjoyed yesterday’s Self-Care Workshop Part I. It was chill and chat with a great group of participants who felt the info shared, and really, just the accountability to care for ourselves was great. No show, just real talk about implementing self-care in our daily, weekly, monthly regimen.

Remembering to put ourselves on our To Do List! Basically, WE ALL realized/identified the areas we needed to improve or maintain self-care activities as well as the areas/aspects of our lives we have neglected.

Are YOU on your calendar? Just saying! Anyhow, here’s the link to Part Two because we know that emails get lost sometimes in all of the messages we received daily and did not want you to miss out:

Self Care Workshop Part II (Sunday-today, 4:00pm on May 24th)
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 649 527 8141

Hope You can make this one too! Blessings!

The Replay will be available in Get Your Life Back Academy!

Self Care Audit Workshop weekend