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Ontoward Your Purpose YouTubeHey, So many of you were a part of my first two summits, “From Trauma to Triumph” and “From the Page to the Stage.” I was so honored and happy to bring those events to you-hoping someone would be inspired, motivated and propel to live in and on purpose. I wanted you to hear genuine stories of overcoming traumatic and tumultuous experiences.

Anyway, Recently, I’ve been sharing individual videos on social media FacebookInstagram and Twitter, focused on pursuit of purpose and passion and the feedback from viewers/listeners who have been blessed by them even blessed me with their testimony of being positively impacted by them. As a result, I decided to share my entire playlist focused on personal growth toward purpose. I got some good older videos as well from the beginning of my virtual empowerment journey. Ahha!

Purpose Inspired video topics include:

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After tuning into these videos, you will definitely see why I’m a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Parent Coach, Christian Counselor, Clergy, Empowerment Speaker, Mental Health Counselor, and Transformation Strategist.
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Support Group for Single Women
For the Single ladies out there who desire to join a group of single women focused on living on purpose by growing spiritually, financially, emotionally, mentally, and even want to position themselves for marriage (or remarriage) with putting in the aforementioned work into themselves. I’m inviting you to join my Single Women of Purpose Academy Group on Facebook. We support each other, collaborate, network, team up, boss up, power up, engage in self care and so much more.

Connect with meWww.cherylyhoward.com  and also find out more about my services-helping people discover their purpose, present their genius to the world, overcome “perceived barriers” in order to break through toward growth, healing, progress and success. 
Christian Counseling: I also provide Pro-bono pastoral counseling for donations if needed at Healing For Your Soul Ministries 
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Discovering True Self in the Midst.

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me side view Rio Water

So this chapter (21) from my book “Let Me Out” was a blessing to myself because it reminded me of how God will anoint, strengthen and grace us to endure trials, battles and opposition. Also, self-discovery and identity reveals our core beliefs, true feelings and perception. 

One thing about life, you never really know how you will react to a particular situation until you go through it. I believe that most human beings have a fear of the unknown. By saying this, I’m relating myself to John the Baptist. After all the preaching, testifying, witnessing, and works of miracles, I wonder how I would react with REAL opposition or imprisonment. I can’t really imagine myself in jail.


It’s scary to think that there could be moment of doubt. I’m not saying that John doubted that Jesus was real but I’m merely stating the fact that he questions Jesus about being the one that he preached about.

John may not have recognized who Jesus was by his physical appearance but he knew him by his spirit because he bared witness to Jesus from the wound. I know my areas of frailty. I can do nothing right apart from God and without his strength. John was the least in the kingdom and I have felt like the least of persons that God would call. You see it’s not always about how many wrong things you’ve done in your life, but, it’s how you feel about yourself on the inside. Some people would say, “Well, I did worst things than you did so you shouldn’t feel this way but I did!” How you felt most likely dictated your behavior, decisions and path.

Our identity is partially developed by the how we perceive ourselves and how we think we fit in our society, how we communicate, relate and interact with others, self-revelation-of knowing who we are, other’s expectation or us, and what we expect of ourselves.

Personally, I believe from my own experiences that we never fully understand many scriptures or parables until we are in a predicament where we must now apply that parable to our lives. What keeps me alive is the hope of glory that Christ promises us if we endure to the end. The cross is a reminder to me of endurance, persecution, weight, forgiveness and love. I want to inherit the kingdom of God so I need to hear the voice of the true lover of my soul-Jesus! Jesus.

He doesn’t need a sentence, he is a sentence. He is the completion of all things. In him are the verb, noun, and adjective. He’s action by saving me and having died on the cross to set me free. He’s a noun by being both man and Go d manifested in the flesh. He’s an adjective by loving me unconditionally. Jesus taught using many parables.

L e t M e O u t ! P a g e | 211 (From my book) Chapter 21. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Goddaughters Workshop Teen-Girl Mentoring & Dance Registration Summer 2018 #richmondva #rva #teengirls #girls

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GDW 8.2018

So our new location for this season’s empowerment workshop & dance sessions: 8401 Mayland Drive, Suite E1 Richmond VA. Suite (Capacity up to 20). Registration is still open. www.goddaughtersworkshop.com.  

It’s “Self-esteem, Abstinence Education, decreasing/eliminating Promiscuous Behavior, Sisterhood and Healthy Relationship building month” with my teen clients/mentees. I’m hitting them hard with facts, consequences, affirmations, learning to rewrite their histories (I’ll call it, “history in the making”) and not letting history dictate the future, breaking generational familial patterns, confidence & esteem building, embracing and empowering peers, cognitive-behavior and psychoeducation. It’s deliverance time…excited about how God is going to intervene, use me a vessel and conduit toward their breakthrough! 

From the director’s office: “Hosting our workshops at your location”

Girl Boss? Employer? CEO? Owner? or…?

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me Girl Boss in TargetThat of course sums it up for me. What are your qualities? What do you bring to the table? Don’t be shy or shrink. Speak your talent, gift, skill, genius, brilliance and purpose. Ok, now.

Back to my reason for posting this picture of me on a quick weekend vacation in Maryland a couple of weeks ago while browsing in Target. I am really not a fan of the term or title “Boss.” it usually denotes an employer who is aggressive in his/her approach and managing, and also bossy/disciplinarian/authoritarian. I know that you noticed that we (especially women) have been throwing/using this title around lately but for a positive reason. That is to highlight our entrepreneurial moves as owners of our own company, non-profit, product, services, etc., and in a position to hire, fire and control our own economy.

However, I do prefer to use the title “Employer” “Owner” “CEO” or “Director” because of their lack of perceived negative connotation. I’m not even sure that made much sense to you but you get what I’m spilling out, and hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Eat the meat and spit out the bones. I do play around with the title women, girl or lady Boss as you can see below but really don’t refer to myself as boss of my own company. To be concise and clear, I don’t knock anyone who refer to themself as “Boss.” I’m simply pointing out that sometimes the word invokes a sense of fear in some people rather than  reverential fear (respect).

Ok, just a thought I wanted to share. Well, that’s all I had to say about it. I would love for you to share your thoughts on using the title Boss.” Does the word “Boss” seem more threatening to you or invoke a negative sense of fear in you compared to the other titles…? Or maybe, you never really thought about it. The most important thing is how a “boss” or “Employer” treats his/her employees/workers. The attitude and disposition is what matters.


So, I’m a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines who are hosts of the their own TV show on HGTV, “Fixer Upper.” I just had to take a photo opt of their picture in front of the area where their products are displayed/sold in Target.

me in Target Joanna Gaines

Single Women of Purpose Virtual Group is Open

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SWOP Facebook Group

WE’RE EXCITED TO HAVE YOU GRACE US WITH YOUR PRESENCE AND PARTICIPATION. YOU CAN JOIN US HERE. IMPORTANT INFO BELOW BEFORE JOINING US!!! YES! It’s a FREE empowerment, group coaching, mentoring & supportive group for single women who made up their mind to live on and in their purpose by growing, healing, connecting, networking, collaborating and implementing life strategy, business, career, educational, holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit) and more. 

All you single ladies! Welcome to my newest Group for “Single Women of Purpose.” Join yourself or invite single women whom you know, would benefit from what we offer.
Join my email list for events, positive affirmations and more: Cherylinspires@gmail.com. Where we’re Breaking through Barriers and Living our Purpose as Entrepreneurs, Success in our Careers/jobs, Moms, Leaders & Game changers. Becoming Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually & Psychologically Empowered as Single women. Positioning ourselves to be found Holistically Whole in our singleness for the right opportunity, future spouse, etc. We Collaborate, Mastermind & Support each other through Accountability, Information, Education & Affirmation.
PREREQUISITES for this group:
1. Desire to be a part of a supportive community of single women.

1. Maintain a safe place to share personal and purpose goals.

2. WHEN posting achievements, progress and success toward your goal-PLEASE share How… so that other members can benefit, learn and apply what could be helpful for them.

3. DISPLAY respect, non-judgment, no shade/shaming and Only support of others.

4. PARTICIPATE in group activities and provide commentaries (comments):
4a). By ASKING and ANSWERING questions, display your support of others. 4b). SHARE your genius, brilliance, Knowledge & thoughts, ideas, and accomplishments. 4c). UTILIZE this supportive community to grow personally, ignite your inner-greatness & genius as a catapult to PUSH you forward, build or increase your confidence and faith in God’s purpose for you. 4d). IMPLEMENT strategies & Tips provided.

5. NO profanity allowed.

6. ABSOLUTELY no soliciting or self-promoting your activity (business or services) unless prompted/permitted by administrators) or on appointed promotion of progress days.

7. HERE, we will share relative resources (financial, biblical, relationship building, self-improvement, personal growth, materials, books, knowledge, pyschoeducation & more).

8. NO soliciting is allowed. Unsolicited solicitations will be taken down immediately.
www.cherylyhoward.com or https://getylifeback.com/


Emotions Expressed In Leadership

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Successful Leadership

I declare that “Self-Awareness is Key to Successful Leadership”

So let’s talk about how our emotional status affect our actions, behavior and relationships. 

Too many times we enter into positions leadership positions as well as personal and professional partnerships with open wounds and emotional baggage unhealed and/or unresolved issues that both sabotage and hinder our growth and effectiveness. The symptoms that become apparent are the ways we handle and serve people from a hurt, painful and damaged place, and we can negatively affect them in the process. Instead of functioning as assertive, humble and compassionate leaders including teachers, pastors, life coaches, politicians, entrepreneurs, parents, medical and mental health professionals, etc., the evidence of an emotionally unhealthy individual permeates. A few of these emotional dysfunctional symptoms often display as: being often angered and irritable, arrogant, oppressive, passive, dictatorial and domineering. Underlying issues that plague many-causing them to display the above symptoms usually stem out of fear, trauma, brokenness and insecurity, and low self-esteem.

Instead of functioning as assertive, humble and compassionate leaders including teachers, pastors, life coaches, politicians, entrepreneurs, parents, medical professionals, etc., the evidence of an emotionally unhealthy individual permeates. A few of these emotional dysfunctional symptoms often display as being easily-angered and irritable, arrogant, authoritarian, dictatorial and domineering. Underlying issues that plague many-causing them to display the above symptoms usually stem out of fear, brokenness and insecurity, and low self-esteem.

For the most part, leaders are influential and have a responsibility to his/her audience, followers, mentees and/or students. If we are not careful or emotionally healed, discerning of our actions and reactions, we will spew out emotional, confused, misleading and violent communication without being aware. As we can see, developing healthy emotions and practicing positive behaviors prior to obtaining a position of leadership is essential. Without growing and healing from past unresolved issues, leaders can become dangerous to themselves and others.

Things to Remember:

Proven Fact I. Because it is factually, physically and psychologically proven, that one of the initial things that people tend to do when experiencing anger, stress and rising anxiety is to slow down or stop their normal rhythm of breathing-lowering a healthy amount of oxygen that helps the brain function well in terms of having cognitive clarity (thinking clearly) and ability to recall.

Proven Fact II. Another scientific, neurological and physiological finding is that during anger outbursts, stress and low emotions such as experiencing depressive moods (that we all may experience such as feeling sad due to loss, hurt, disappointment, abandonment and of course depression and clinical depression, etc.,) effect our short-term memory. Short-term memory (causing temporarily impaired short-term memory). (Finding and more information above and below can be found in hyperlink resources provided).

Proven Truth: Neuropsychology/neuroscience (study of the brain and body) discusses cognitive, cellular and emotional memory, and how what is stored in that memory can affect us in the present. I.e., as you think of a time that you were burned, gave birth, been abused in any kind of way, you begin to feel it in your body in the present, although it happened previously, and experience that emotion and pain now. The body remembers the pain and effect, and sends signals to the brain. This is why we need to be healed emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Some of us are carrying issues stemming from earlier traumatic experiences within our bodies and it affects us today. The right trigger can set off our amygdala part of the brain to fire off-causing us to become explosive with outbursts of anger. This negative experience overworks the hippocampus part of our brain which is designed to soothe and calm the brain.

We all need to pay more attention to what’s going on inside ourselves and maintain overall awareness as we effect change in others we lead, inspire, motivate and help.


From the Page to the Stage Virtual Summit

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Summit Flyer2

I have to talk about this monumental event to share with you because so many of us have visions and dreams that we either keep in the back of our minds or write down on pages in our journals, notebooks or even on vision boards as a reminder to keep us accountable. However, many of us either get distracted, discouraged for several reasons or off focus from our goals to actualize our dreams and visions and they just stay on the pages and boards.


Well, the main purpose of this summit is to gently and boldly push you to the next level which is taking actions needed to birth those visions and dreams into reality. Sometimes we need cheerleading, a push, motivation, inspiration and coaching to help us move forward.


I know how important it is stay focused even if things we encounter in life makes us take a pause, we can still get back on track in due season. Well, this is due season for many of you. I believe testimonials, stories and shared experiences of other people who have gone through their own trials and mountainous situations similar to yours can be a powerful tool to move you closer toward destiny and purpose.


These speakers have extraordinary stories of success, past failures and restarts, the right mindset and practical actions steps that they will share so you can live what you dream as well. Their background is diverse therefore, able to relate to your journey and process. If you haven’t registered yet, you still can at: bit.ly/FROMTHEPAGETOTHESTAGE  Or bit.ly/fromthepagetothestagesummit


So there, after you have registered for free and join us on April 19-April 25 (7 days), I will be looking forward to hearing your testimonial about how you were inspired and changed from this summit. Please don’t forget to invite others in your neighborhood, community and family. Even share with your organization, church members, co-workers and people in transitional homes and shelters, etc. I want this to be blessing and life shift for someone including yourself. You can leave your comments and testimonials Here and also be the first to find out about upcoming events such as this, life purpose strategies, continued inspiration and motivational discussions and more.


Don’t forget to check out speaker’s profiles and more info at: bit.ly/FROMTHEPAGETOTHESTAGE

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