Coronavirus 2020 | DIY Natural Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

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Coronavirus 2020 | DIY Natural Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer.

Yep! A How to Make natural hand sanitizer at home. Well, I decided I needed to make my own hand sanitizer since all of the stores are out or seem to run out quickly due to this terrible Corona-virus pandemic. I also wanted to show or remind people that they can make their own at home and figured I would make a video demonstrating how to… Avoid too much contact with alcohol on skin to prevent dryness of skin-causing over dryness, potential cracks/cuts and vulnerability to germs into openness of skin. Make sure to moisturize your hands natural oil, cream or lotion after making sanitizer. Remember that strength of alcohol decrease after formulation/recipe is completed with addition of added ingredients. Thus, the reason it’s better to 91%- 99% alcohol.

Ingredients used: 1. 2/3 to 1 cup of Aloe Vera Plant 2. 1 cup of 70, 91 or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or more (e.g., 40% aloe/60 % Alcohol for stronger solution) (or Witch Hazel for making general less drying hand sanitizer making for future: 8oz. Aloe gel, 1 tbs of witch hazel, 1/2 tsp. Tea Tree oil/Eucalyptus oil/Citrus, and 2 capsules or 1/4 teaspoon or 4-5 drops of Vitamin E oil). 3. A few drops of Vitamin E 4. Vegetable Lecithin or Vegetable Glycerin 5. Anti-microbial/Antiseptic Essential Oils (Rosemary/Tea Tree/Eucalyptus)

Equipment Used:

1. Mixing Bowl

2. Spatula/Spoon/Knife

3. Cutting board

4. Electric Mixer/Blender or Hand Whisk

5. Packaging: 2 – 3 oz. size glass or plastic Bottles/Jars and labeling 6. Funnel


1. Cut/Peel skin

2. Scoop out Aloe gel into bowl

3. Begin mixing to loosen gel

4. Add Alcohol (blend well together)

5. Add all other ingredients (blend well again

6. Use funnel to pour into jars/bottles

7. Label jar for safe use and everyone knows what’s inside the jar.

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Pop up and Join Us Today!

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Here’s an update in this video I posted yesterday about today’s workshop:


We will leave the light on for you up to 10 minutes after 4pm and then we are beginning. We didn’t want you to miss out on this self-care group.

Self Care Workshop Part II (4pm Today) Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 649 527 8141

Self Care Workshop Facebook Event Page for updates and more…

Self-Care Pop-up Workshop Part II

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Everything was smooth sailing Ya’ll!

You R In Save Date

We really enjoyed yesterday’s Self-Care Workshop Part I. It was chill and chat with a great group of participants who felt the info shared, and really, just the accountability to care for ourselves was great. No show, just real talk about implementing self-care in our daily, weekly, monthly regimen.

Remembering to put ourselves on our To Do List! Basically, WE ALL realized/identified the areas we needed to improve or maintain self-care activities as well as the areas/aspects of our lives we have neglected.

Are YOU on your calendar? Just saying! Anyhow, here’s the link to Part Two because we know that emails get lost sometimes in all of the messages we received daily and did not want you to miss out:

Self Care Workshop Part II (Sunday-today, 4:00pm on May 24th)
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 649 527 8141

Hope You can make this one too! Blessings!

The Replay will be available in Get Your Life Back Academy!

Self Care Audit Workshop weekend

Pop-up Self Care Workshop

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Self Care Two Day Workshop weekend

Pop-up Self Care Workshop

Hello everyone, posting links again. We look forward to seeing you there. Thanks for your patience. Tech is a love and dislike situation.

Saturday May 23rd (Today) Self Care Workshop Part I
* Join Meeting:

Meeting ID: 898 1947 4993


Sunday: May 24th (tomorrow) Self Care Workshop Part II
* Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 649 527 8141



We Are Pro-Creators of Our Purpose!

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We Are Pro-Creators of Our Purpose!

God has granted and empowered us as Pro-Creators of Our/His Purpose HERE. Another Tea With Jesus Moment on Being “Pro/co Creators, Purpose & God’s Children. ” Father is Alpha and Omega and He has given us power to multiply, replenish, subdue and have dominion… Genesis 1:28. I think we need to remember our assignment!!! And the main part, giving God ALL of the glory! Want help with living in and on purpose!

Check out GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY and my Programs and Services, visit:

Get Your Life Back Academy: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te

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Purpose After Retirement

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Client’s Testimony | Purpose After Retirement|Confirmation of Your Purpose.

Hey, what a season we’re in. It’s scary, unsettling, topsy turvy and often sad due to large number of losses. I wanted to share something positive to break up the bad news going into our ear and eye gate. I am sharing testimonials from two individuals who are using my Purpose Passion Finder Journal/Workbook and it is having a positive impact on their lives. I am so here for transformation (spirit, mind, body), LIFE, Business, Relationships, etc. I’m also excited for the men who are enrolled in the course and using the workbook! It’s all about implementation, faith and follow through. If you want to know more about GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY and my Programs and Services, visit:… Get Your Life Back Academy: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te…

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Take A Free Self Care Live Workshop

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Take A Free Self Care Live Workshop

Alrighty! I’m inviting you to sign up for your free Live Self-Care Assessment Workshop on May 9, 2020 @ 1:00 pm and we will send the link to session via email on the morning of May 9th. We tall things self-care. Time to get back to loving on ourselves even more. Hey there, join me and Kellee-Simone on our COMPLIMENTARY live SELF-CARE assessment workshop to keep us ALL accountable for taking care of ourSELVES. 📌 There are moments where we have to put ourselves FIRST in order to care for others. There is NOthing wrong with treating yourself good!!! Let’s live life to the fullest with God’s help! ❤ I invited my colleague and friend Kellee-Simone, LMSW, and owner/director of @kbslighthouse to co-facilitate with me.

Sometimes we lose focus by distractions, catastrophic situations such as the one we’re facing now, etc., This Self-care Assessment is a community effort to encourage US all to pay more attention to ourselves, love on ourselves, know when to retreat/relax, pamper ourselves, take better care of our bodies and more. 📌 My next post about this Workshop will have sign up details. This live assessment will be a live Q&A aka assessment. As an option, you can download a digital copy of the assessment workbook for ONLY $2.00 to keep it for yourself so you can continuously document your self-care improvements. 📌 Plus, a copy of this live assessment will be available to re-watch for FREE for in my GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY in the future. We are excited about this live event. It’s going to be fun! Sign Up options: * or…   

Connect with Cheryl on IG & FB:

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Mother-Daughter: Shopping at Two Fish & Five Loaves

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#Vlog #shopping #richmondmeatmarkets So, this is a throw back from my Facebook group when I was looking for meat markets to shop at in Richmond as I did often in NY. Richmond is very different. There are not a lot of meat markets where you can buy quality fresh meat in bulk or in big packages. The supermarkets I have been to here in Richmond do not sell large packages of lamb chops, turkey wings, oxtails or goal meat. You may get two to three lamp chops in a pack, seven to eight pieces of oxtails and four to six pieces of turkey wings and the prices will be very expensive because their is not a demand on these meats in the south. Many people I meet in Virginia rarely or never eat oxtails, goat or lamp chops.

   I could not believe it because I learned to eat these meats from my Bio-parents, aunts, uncles and friends who are from the SOUTH. My mother cooked oxtails and lamp chops often. I thought it was a southern thing but she may have started these choices after moving North to New York. I did find one or two small inexpensive meat markets on other side of towns in Richmond but the meat was not quality and did not look fresh. 2 Fish And 5 Loaves Global Market 8121 West Broad Street # D Richmond, VA 23294 (804) 217-5745 BIO: Cheryl Y Howard is an Inspirational and Transformation Strategist & International Speaker, Minister, Pastoral Counselor who-inspires others to live their visions, dreams and passions.

   Her passion and motto is: ‘Motivating others to Breakthrough Barriers and Propel Into Purpose.” She is the founder of the Goddaughters Workshop, His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon and Product line, Get Your Life Back Academy and Healing for Your Soul Ministries. Cheryl is also a Mother, Mental Health Professional, Amazon Best Selling Author, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Blogger/Vlogger and Podcaster. Cheryl provider coaching services and pastoral online and in person. She often use live streaming to provide mind-transformation, emotional wellness, healthy relationship/communication strategies, and ministry on most social media platforms. Cheryl has a MA in Human Services Counseling, training in Clinical Social Work, a MA in Theological Studies, licensed Cosmetologist and Certified Mental Health Professional.




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who can relate?

May Have Been Poor Skill of Hustle Public House to Ownership

Hey, tune in to my 3 Part Series on HOOD, HUSTLE, FINANCES & POVERTY TRAUMA:

Listen on several platforms:

➡️ Have Been Poor But Didn’t Know It!

Many of us never learned Financial Literacy as children and adolescents. Many of our parents did the best they could with the energy they had, and taught about savings, sharing, and household budgeting (to some degree). Really, for me, growing up in the hood, I never really heard a lot of financial discussions on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement savings, 401 K’s, etc.

➡️ Thank God For the Skill of Hustle!

This is actually part two of previous episode “We May Have Been Poor But Didn’t Know It.” And make sure you stay tuned to Part 3 coming after this. I wanted to continue the conversation about learning how to hustle and appreciating how hustling aka grind and working hard to survive and/or thrive.

➡️ From Public Housing to Home Ownership!

And this is part three of my series of “We May Have Been Poor Growing Up But Didn’t Know it.” Just wanted to share how my parents were able to hustle up enough money and save in order to move out of the public housing and out of state to buy a house in the suburbs of Richmond Virginia. I was already married and moved out the house a few years before they moved out of New York. What a story right. Thanks for listening and following.

Listen On any of these platforms:

iTune Apple Podcast:
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Women You Can ALSO Negotiate Your Worth

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Women You Can ALSO Negotiate Your Salary & Desire More!


I want women to know their self worth and that you have the right to negotiate salary, positions, and ask for what you want. In this video, I was speaking with the women in my PRIVATE SINGLE WOMEN OF PURPOSE GROUP ON FACEBOOK. I wanted to discuss this because I still hear women settle for less-thinking that they do not have a right to want more. Especially, if you have invested in yourself to acquire more skills, knowledge, etc. Sometimes we have not because we ask not. Sometimes we move in fear because of what others around us are saying and their standards or self-worth may be low as well. I have also come across older women (ole school) who feel younger women should take what they can get even if they are not in an emergency situation where they do not need to just get anything to keep a roof over their heads until finding their desired opportunity. I definitely understand that frame of thinking but that frame of thinking has also held people back from living their dream and follow their vision. It is also important to understand that others may respond to your desire to achieve more due to fear, doubt, disbelief, lack of confidence and societal constructs and devaluing of women in the past.



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