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ALL YOU SINGLE LADIES! Here it is! The opening of SINGLE WOMEN OF PURPOSE ACADEMY! You can join in anytime until full.


My Affordable option for Single Women Inspiring each other to live on purpose in the meantime before entering marriage. We take the focus away from desiring to be married to a man, and redirecting focus/desire toward living a purposeful life of personal and spiritual growth, Positioning self to be found by future husband, finding your Godly-identity and earthly assignment, achieving overarching goals, inner-healing & maturity (encourage focus on our spiritual-physical-mental-emotional-behavioral health), walking in discernment.

This group is for you if:

  • You need accountability to maintain your course of action
  • You prefer group coaching
  • You can benefit from comradery, networking and brainstorming solutions
  • You enjoy receiving affirmation from other women
  • You need a push toward your purpose
  • You need emotional and entrepreneurial support
  • You are battling with self-sabotaging behaviors & easily distracted 
  • You need midwives present to help you birth that vision and speak life over it
  • And more…

We’ll also be exchanging ideas and insight, building careers and businesses, accountability, monthly prayer call, reinforcing the practice of sexual abstinence, breaking generational patterns and poor habits that sabotage our relationships and growth.  Gleaning from the Wise Virgins…Mathew 25, and being inspired by “The Virtuous Woman“…Proverbs 31:10-31, and learning from “Ruth and Naomi’s” example in the book of Ruth Chapters 2-4.
1) What you will receive:
2) Monthly Q&A’s.
3) Private/Closed Facebook Group
4) Empowerment conference calls
5) Email support and affirmation/reviewing goals with group
6) Receive resources, Biblical inspirations and Prayer Agreement

Sign up now at: or at: Single Women of Purpose Academy

Think Exceedingly!

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Think Exceedingly

Premarital Class is in Session

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Get Your Life Back Academy (4)

Sign up NOW! For only $97. This premarital eGuide was formulated to help couples who are courting, been dating for a while, contemplating marriage, plan to get married, and individuals who want to prepare themselves for marriage.

Leaders, Counselors, Life Coaches, Pastors, Marriage Enrichment and life groups can use this as a premarital/marital empowerment course in their practice, ministry, sessions and forums as well. or

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made!

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fearfully Wonderfully Made.jpg

Even King David acknowledged the masterful work from the Master of the Universe. He gives reverence to the Father because of His wisdom, skill, and artistic power to create the body in such intricate parts with meticulous detailing. I would never believe that a big boom, bang” created and designed humanity. There had to be some intelligence to design the human body & structure, and the plants/vegetation we need to maintain health.

The wonderful works of God is adored and praised in this verse. Think about how God created the body to function with many capacities. After He completed His work, He had to reflect on how awesome it was and thought to Himself, “it was very good” (Genesis 3:31). So that means, He felt good about creating YOU! Embrace YOUR wonderfulness and Praise Him too. Selah!


Your Male Presence Positively Impacts Your Daughter

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me and my Dad after moving...

So honored to have shared and contributed to this wonderful project to encourage fathers (Dads) on “Encouraging Dads” and “The Father Effect on Facebook” I wrote on how “Your Male Presence Can Positively Impact Your Children…”

There are many other wonderful stories of individuals experiences with their dads; how fathers can enhance their relationship with their children; positive parenting; and more.

I witnessed the comparison between children (especially daughters) who have emotionally available/invested fathers and those who are and/or not present physically at all. The outcomes I witnessed and explored were: father-daughter relationship also affects their daughter’s behavior and attitude towards school and academic achievement, religious beliefs, career development, peer relationships, and adult relationships such as marital happiness…See more

It’s also a great resource of encouragement for dads who are/was incarcerated or have been estranged from their children and want to repair and restore their relationships with their children. Visit the site following the above links. Perhaps you have a story that you want to share. You can submit a post on their website and they will view it before deciding to approve and posting.