Need Your Feedback on New Branding & Marketing Mini-Course

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So, I did a thing that I am so elated over. Many of you know, as certified life purpose coach, mental health professional, speaker, author and pastoral counselor, I translated these to build my ever-growing academy (Get Your Life Back Academy).  I use my professional skill-set, intellect, anointing, life-experience and talent within my Multi-designed academy to provide coaching, consulting and personal and professional life-changing strategies teaching others how to do the same.


1. Help clients, students and my monthly GROUP members from IDENTIFYING their passion and purpose, BREAKTHROUGH perceived Emotional, behavioral and Mindset barriers that PREVENT them from living life on and in your purpose using Faith-based, CBT, REBT and Trauma-informed coaching strategies.

2. Teach them how to confidently walk in their strength and purpose, and how to show up to package, present and serve others with their passion and purpose.

3. Finally, I demonstrate/teach my academy tribe how to MONETIZE their passion and purpose whether it’s A. Using their life’s story/testimony by becoming a transformational and inspirational professional speaker and B. Author who positively impacts the world, C. Turning what they love to do, their skill-set, talent(s) and life experience into a personal/professional brand to serve others as I have.

NOW, with all of this said, I recently created a new masterclass that teaches my current and new students/tribe how to create a personal brand based on authenticity and using what’s in your hands (talent, skill, gift, life-story or experience, personality, passion and purpose) BUT I NEED YOU!

I just created a *5 day* SPECIAL OFFER for any aspiring or new business owners or entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to learn about digital marketing and personal branding by becoming my beta-testers in this version I have on the Udemy educational platform (that many of you know about). As many as 1000 individuals can sign up within these next 5 days beginning today (7/2 – 7/7) for FREE because I need your feedback in terms of: positive reviews/ratings to make my course more visible and an increased SEO for others to easily find my course when searching for branding and marketing courses on Udemy, your take-aways and then, email me your suggestions of what you think I should add to this mini-course and in email subject line type the code COUPON BETA-7 so I know what the email is relating to please.


If so, USE THE COUPON CODE BETA-7 during checkout to get in this life-time course for free. Here’s the link: