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This motivational post/message pertains to YOU who feel like you always blossom late in life.

Maybe you feel left behind, that it is too late or you missed your season. While I acknowledge, some of us may have developed deficits (cognitive/physical/mental), disabilities and/or at an age to where one may not have much time to accomplish specific goals or dreams, I don’t want to assume that because I have seen and heard so many stories as you have, or people who were able to manifest dreams and goals that seemed impossible and unimaginable. So, I have to encourage you ALL with this particular video.

As a so called “LATE BLOOMER” or what I call “LATTER BLOOMER,” let me help you move past previous failures, delays and mistakes and living out your dreams at a latter time. So you didn’t get to complete school, writing that book, starting that business, completing that mission, etc. Do it now! Cheryl is getting her life back and so can you. Cheryl works with individuals and groups through speaking and coaching on living their passions and purpose, mind transformation and Self-Empowerment.


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