Blessings Birthed During A Pandemic | DavLT | Preach the Word Network guest.

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Welcome my Co-host for this episode titled “Blessings Birthed During A Pandemic.” Artist DavLT shares his own blessing of putting out a new song and starting a podcast during 2020-2021 pandemic, and his Godly purpose. We want to encourage you and pray for you to hold on to and birth your vision and dreams in spite of… with God’s help. Many blessings and visions are produced and manifested in the midst of due to pressure, traumatic events and hardships because people either decide, since their back is up against the wall, they have nothing to lose or, they feel the need to do something different, and it is time for a change. DavLT’s meaning behind his song “I Am God” and where it is sold: What a timely story message and story in a song that many can relate to especially, when going through a crisis, catastrophe and pandemic…

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