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OMG Guys! I’m so excited about my new Airbnb Online Experiences Services.

Are You Guys Familiar with Airbnb Online Experiences?

Most of you see how to diversity my talents, skills and passion projects on various platforms such as: using my passion of speaking on deep insightful topics, provide life, entrepreneurial and emotional wellness strategies. I had to share my excitement of finding out about these online (virtual) experiences on the Airbnb platform because I saw the opportunity to share my skillset, personality and creativity in the form of services to help and reach more people. So, your girl did a thing. I submitted my proposal to host my fun therapeutic session where I use a game that I often used in counseling and my self-care survey. Behold, it was approved and I received my first two clients last weekend approximately 2-3 days after it was published live.

It was a surprise because I read about a few people’s experience of waiting a long time before they booked their first session, experience, class or workshop participant, audience or group. A married couple booked with me and left me a nice 4 Star review. I have two more Experiences that I will also host on the platform. I submitted another one on January 18 and it was almost approved instantly which was today on January 19, 2022. It will be published any minute now and then I can schedule availability on the calendar. Zoom is the platform used to host Online Experiences. This is a great and fun way to create another stream of income and meet new people. The original Airbnb Experiences is great too but I don’t feel comfortable hosting an experience outdoors yet due to this pandemic. Anyway, here is the link to my Online Experience so you can see it for yourself and maybe even book a session with me so I can get to know you.

So tell me what you think about this experience and if you have any idea of what you would host on Airbnb Online Experiences. Oh, and let me know if you are thinking of booking my Experience so I can be on the lookout.

Also, later, I will come back with the video I submitted for my Online Experience to demonstrate an example of what my Experience would look like. They want you to submit a video as a sample and to see if you know how to use Zoom.