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Well, it’s time for me to renew my airtime on PREACH THE WORD NETWORK. The network approved my show with a grant membership to cover airtime. Donations can keep me on the air by covering my grant application & marketing fee ($350). If you would like to support my show financially so I can stay on the air for an additional 26 weeks (26 shows), you can donate now between $25 – $350 via cash app ($MsCee7) or Zelle by November 10th.

Hey, hope you were able to watch GET YOUR LIFE BACK W/CHERYL TV on Fridays at 8:30am. Here’s the link to the network (under the Global TV and Atlanta options). Atlanta local TV.

I appreciate everyone who tunes in for inspirational and empowering life hacks. This has truly been a blessing and opportunity to share life transformation strategies via God’s word, life purpose coaching, invited guests sharing their life’s transformations and testimonials, spiritual wisdom, and holistic wellness from a biblical perspective. Here’s a show of mine that was broadcasted on PTWWN:

How to find my purpose in god positive behavior how to serve god with all your heart how to behave with good conduct altruism psychology faith talk So I ask you, Why Are You Here? What’s Your Purpose? Who Do You Serve? Really, because sometimes we ponder these questions ourselves and, we need to be aware and reminded of what God called us to do. One way to discover about our purpose is seeing how consistent it is in the natural and spiritual. Anyway, watch this segment from my TV Show “GET YOUR LIFE BACK WITH CHERYL on PTWWN PREACH THE WORD WORLDWIDE NETWORK. I welcome your comments below. Do like and subscribe to my channel. I would love to SERVE You weekly with providing answers to your questions, provoking thoughts, providing inspiration, purpose pushing, transformation and education that will enhance your quality of life and helping your breakthrough barriers to propel into your purpose.

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