How to Develop A Mindset to Defuse Arguments | How to Avoid Negative Debates

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Hey ever’body! I want to share MY ways and strategies for developing a mindset to defuse arguments and fruitless negative debates to maintain your peace of mind. I lay it all out in this video. I don’t know about you, but I’m on a constant journey of pursuing peace as much as possible. Honestly, I am not a person who likes conflict but of course, as I got older and matured, I learned to deal with conflict and manage my emotions to help me cope in stressful and difficult situations. Which I should be able to do as mental health professional and pastoral counselor right??? Can you imagine if my emotions and trauma triggers matched my clients during a session? Not a health image.

So, between my emotional growth, education in social works and human services, and life experiences, I have my own ways to conduct and govern myself accordingly, when I’m encountering a conflictual relationship, people with negative extrinsic reasons or ulterior motives behind their statements, questions and/or arguments. This is really great for anyone who recognizes their sensitivities, experience symptoms of anxiety, emotional triggers and capacity to tolerate conflicts and unproductive debates and conversations with other.