Pulling You Out to Purpose | How to Live In Your Purpose | Rid of Cognitive Distortion

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Let’s explore how pulling You Out to live in your Purpose. Get rid of cognitive distortion/mental filtering that is blocking your growth and progress in life. Let’s get mentally and spiritually unstuck because it’s time to break through barriers that hold us back from living victorious. As a life purpose coach, I’m here to speak about the benefits of receiving accountability from a coach, loved ones and most of all God. Often, we need a push from those who are for us and who see who we REALLY are and they even want to witness us live our best life in God. She also talk about how satisfying it is to live with passion and on another level spiritually and purposefully with intention.

Resources & Opportunity, Masterclasses & Workshops, Virtual Summits & eBooks: HOW TO INVEST IN YOUR MINDSET STRATEGIES * Learn wisdom and mindset strategies to help you transform your perspective that may be preventing you from living free of drama and unnecessary stress.

* Learn key points about organizing and prioritizing your time, family, business, home, relationships and more. * Discussing the importance of caring for yourself and investing resources, your precious time and recognizing your value into your life.


1. Purpose Passion Finder Workshop: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te

2. How to Write An eBook/Book In 30 Days: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te

3. Learning to Love You Workshop: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te

4. From the Page to The Stage Virtual Summit: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te

5. Self-Care Audit Virtual Workshop: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te