Things Gone Right & Wrong in 2020

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Thanks for gracing my blog post with your presence. Happy New Year!

Get Your Life Back! Inspirational & Empowerment Specialist Cheryl

Chatting about All Of The Things 2020. We have experienced the GOOD, BAD, UGLY but also there has been successes, progress toward goals, and things we’re looking forward to and praying for. My pop up guest is David L. Towns aka Christian music artist DavLT who chimed in. Mr. Towns is also a visionary, musician, and MOG & minister. He also shares one of his experiences with being racially profiled and how a supposedly “speed” precaution turned into a scene with dogs and three police vehicles as he was driving on the highway.

We discuss The Lessons we learn including: cherish family and friends, walking in health (self care/self love & workshop), (Purpose Passion Finder), walking in love (new Learning How to Love You Masterclass).

Below are the video references I refer to in the video

Purpose Passion Finder Workshop: Intro –

GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te…

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