Hibachi Style Dinner Tonight

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Enjoy us as we wait for live cooked dinner at a Hibachi Grill. We wanted a healthier choice for dinner this night and sure did not feel like cooking AT ALL! Nothing like entertainment while waiting to eat and social distancing… Are any of you getting out when you can to get fresh air, good food and safe fun?

Even though I’m working from home mostly during this pandemic and you’d think I would cook more but honestly, I am getting more comfortable working from home. Between working on my business and as a contracted-mental health professional, I sometimes feel a little wiped out at times and I try to make sure I take mental health breaks.

My breaks entail, chilling on the sofa, watching feel-good movies/shows with my daughter who is quarantining with me before moving again, watching podcasts and getting to know my new Beau… I will fill you in on how things are progressing-hahaha! So this video was shot on one of those nights we decided to grab dinner at this Hibachi grill while we were out running errands and probably shopping a little here and there.