Creating Multiple Streams of Income with A Book

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HI WONDERFULLY MADE PEOPLE! i did not forget you. I have a couple of things that are going on that required so much of my time including clinical documentation that I am beginning to hate now. I looooove serving and helping people but the the paperwork and bureaucracy that comes along with it is killing me and honestly, creating burnout. I know it’s almost time for me to retire/resign and go into full time entrepreneurship.

As soon as I feel my help coming on… (financially and get God’s green light, I’m out). LOL! Anywhoo! One of the things that is/was pulling my time away from blogging much in June, is the courses and masterclasses I have been creating and hosting in Get Your Life Back Academy. I have also been running a campaign for my natural product business and I took a quick weekend getaway that I will share more about in the next few posts.

So back to my masterclasses and latest video. I have a few students/participants who are already enrolled in my two newest workshops, “Purpose Passion Finder Workshop and “How to Write An eBook/Book in 30 Days.”  I have been supporting my participants within my Facebook group as well and providing additional group coaching and this video below is a copy of the chat I had with the group about, “How to monetize and create multiple streams of income with your book/ebook.” It only takes VISION! Share this out with your community: