Self-Care Pop-up Workshop Part II

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Everything was smooth sailing Ya’ll!

You R In Save Date

We really enjoyed yesterday’s Self-Care Workshop Part I. It was chill and chat with a great group of participants who felt the info shared, and really, just the accountability to care for ourselves was great. No show, just real talk about implementing self-care in our daily, weekly, monthly regimen.

Remembering to put ourselves on our To Do List! Basically, WE ALL realized/identified the areas we needed to improve or maintain self-care activities as well as the areas/aspects of our lives we have neglected.

Are YOU on your calendar? Just saying! Anyhow, here’s the link to Part Two because we know that emails get lost sometimes in all of the messages we received daily and did not want you to miss out:

Self Care Workshop Part II (Sunday-today, 4:00pm on May 24th)
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 649 527 8141

Hope You can make this one too! Blessings!

The Replay will be available in Get Your Life Back Academy!

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