Take A Free Self Care Live Workshop

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Take A Free Self Care Live Workshop

Alrighty! I’m inviting you to sign up for your free Live Self-Care Assessment Workshop on May 9, 2020 @ 1:00 pm and we will send the link to session via email on the morning of May 9th. We tall things self-care. Time to get back to loving on ourselves even more. Hey there, join me and Kellee-Simone on our COMPLIMENTARY live SELF-CARE assessment workshop to keep us ALL accountable for taking care of ourSELVES. 📌 There are moments where we have to put ourselves FIRST in order to care for others. There is NOthing wrong with treating yourself good!!! Let’s live life to the fullest with God’s help! ❤ I invited my colleague and friend Kellee-Simone, LMSW, and owner/director of @kbslighthouse to co-facilitate with me.

Sometimes we lose focus by distractions, catastrophic situations such as the one we’re facing now, etc., This Self-care Assessment is a community effort to encourage US all to pay more attention to ourselves, love on ourselves, know when to retreat/relax, pamper ourselves, take better care of our bodies and more. 📌 My next post about this Workshop will have sign up details. This live assessment will be a live Q&A aka assessment. As an option, you can download a digital copy of the assessment workbook for ONLY $2.00 to keep it for yourself so you can continuously document your self-care improvements. 📌 Plus, a copy of this live assessment will be available to re-watch for FREE for in my GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY in the future. We are excited about this live event. It’s going to be fun! Sign Up options: * https://mailchi.mp/ba0281e8555a/selfc... or https://www.facebook.com/pg/cherylhow…   

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