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who can relate?

May Have Been Poor Skill of Hustle Public House to Ownership

Hey, tune in to my 3 Part Series on HOOD, HUSTLE, FINANCES & POVERTY TRAUMA:

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➡️ Have Been Poor But Didn’t Know It!

Many of us never learned Financial Literacy as children and adolescents. Many of our parents did the best they could with the energy they had, and taught about savings, sharing, and household budgeting (to some degree). Really, for me, growing up in the hood, I never really heard a lot of financial discussions on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement savings, 401 K’s, etc.

➡️ Thank God For the Skill of Hustle!

This is actually part two of previous episode “We May Have Been Poor But Didn’t Know It.” And make sure you stay tuned to Part 3 coming after this. I wanted to continue the conversation about learning how to hustle and appreciating how hustling aka grind and working hard to survive and/or thrive.

➡️ From Public Housing to Home Ownership!

And this is part three of my series of “We May Have Been Poor Growing Up But Didn’t Know it.” Just wanted to share how my parents were able to hustle up enough money and save in order to move out of the public housing and out of state to buy a house in the suburbs of Richmond Virginia. I was already married and moved out the house a few years before they moved out of New York. What a story right. Thanks for listening and following.

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