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So Excited ABOUT THE UPCOMING FIRST PURPOSE PASSION FINDER LIVE WORKSHOP IN RICHMOND, VA. It is hosted by yours truly and include transformational activities, strategies for identifying, highlighting and actualizing your strengths, passions, skill set, story which is connected to your Purpose. Be in a room where the atmosphere will be warm, welcoming, supportive, inspiring, encouraging, and productive. Get the coaching and help you need to birth your dream/purpose/passions.

Pre-REGISTER FOR PPFWT anytime after 2/23/20 on Eventbrite or What if I could help you identify your strongest skills and talent that you should be using as a blessing to others? Are you ready to operate in your passion and purpose but need to get more clear about what that is?

* Need to know your why?

*Use my simple but creative method of zeroing in on your strengths and passions connected to your Purpose. Signs You Are Passion-Purpose Focused:

* You are feeling unfulfilled and need confirmation with identifying your strengths, purpose and inner greatness…

* You also believe that there is more to you and uncharted untapped brilliance, originality and passion…

* You want to discover how to package and monetize your genius, life experience, skill-set and expertise…

LET ME TELL YOU MY “WHY” FOR CREATING THIS WORKSHOP: I created this workshop to help you Discover Your Inner Genius & Skillset. Many people wonder what their passion(s) are and new purpose, and fail to realize that the answer could be right in front of them. Others, may also see our super ability, potential, brilliance, inner genius, specialization and mastered skills that we somehow ignore or don’t realize it’s brand-worthy and marketable as a new purpose, side hustle or full time entrepreneurship. Don’t second guess yourself after identifying your skills, knowledge, experience and talent(s). It’s important that once you identify your strengths, talents, skills and abilities, you should declare and receive it. Can’t wait for you to take this journey of discovering what you love, the value you possess and pursue it!

“Clarify and Identify WHAT’S IN YOUR HANDS in order to operate in your purpose! You Already P.A.S.S (Passions, Assets, Strengths & Skill set) the requirement and meet the criteria for this program. – We will work together but you’re going to be stretched a bit because it’s your season to live in your purpose and passion. – It’s time for you to stop hiding behind the camera/lens of watching everyone else show up even with fear and trembling. – Let fear and past trauma work as a catalyst to push you to break barriers and propel into your purpose.

*NO MORE BURIED GIFTS! Tell Your Neighbors…

* REGISTER FOR PPFWT anytime after 2/21/20 You can also follow me on social media where I will be dropping additional ways to sign up including links, my blogs and other sites. I don’t want you to miss this opportunity to partake in this workshop that will be your catalyst for your destiny and new purpose in life.


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