Mental Health & Finding Purpose

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My next guest is Chris Love – a war veteran and new author & podcaster and I will be speaking about Finding New Purpose after Mental Health & Finding New Purpose (ENTREPRENEURSHIP, OPERATING IN YOUR PASSION WHILE HEALING FROM TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES). Chris shares his story about joining the military, almost losing his life during combat in Afghanistan as an army soldier, battling with PTSD and clinical depression and how it changed his personality that negatively affected his family. He also talks about his new purpose of podcasting with his wife, becoming an author and process of healing. BIO: Chris Love was born on May 27, 1984 in Chester, SC. Watch:

He has been writing his entire life and has always wanted to become a published author of his first book series “City of Red Part 1.” And is working on several projects. Chris is a disabled combat veteran for the U. S. Army having served from 2005 – 2010. After suffering injuries from an explosion in Afghanistan, Chris became a stay at home dad and now has five children with his wife of 10 years, Lila. The call to serve never left Chris, in 2018, he was elected as Trustee for the village of Theresa in upstate NY where he currently lives.

If you would like to follow Chris, you can follow him in these places as well.… twitter@thewriterchris1 #healingptsd #findingpurposeaftertrauma #war #loveandwar #healingtrauma #lifepurposecoach