Laboring In Vain or On Purpose!

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Laboring In Vain or On Purpose!

So, I’m continuing my series on living in your purpose because I want to inspire and push you to become more intentional about operating in your purpose so you can feel more fulfilled in your life. This message is from my podcast “Cheryl’s Get Your Life Back Podcast. Oh, BTW (By The Way), I’m inviting you to check out all of my podcasts and subscribe and follow. The links are at the bottom of this post.

I thought I give you this questionnaire:

* Have you forgotten the one who empowered, inspired, gifted, endowed you and equipped you to perform?

* Did you lose sight of your vision and why?

* Do you feel as if you’re losing your passion to serve, perform or work?

Well, I gotcha! I’m here to encourage you to reconnect with the source (God) and remember you call, passion, purpose and ability because I don’t want you to give up on your assignment(s) and purpose(s).


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For encouragement!


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