Sisterhood Wars Among Women (Conflict Resolution)

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All of you who have been following my blogs and social media content, already know that I’m about helping men and women but especially women, breakthrough barriers that hold them back from thriving in life, relationships and job/career/business/ministry, etc. Well, in this vlog, I speak about breaking cycles of communication barriers between women. This idea came to me after watching the videos of hosts of the Real TV Show and Tamar Braxton’s interview on the Wendy Williams’ show that many of you might have seen.

I used the dilemma between the casts/co-hosts of THE REAL talk show and former host Tamar Braxton. I discuss the PERCEIVED issues among Women, as well as African American Women Relationship stereotypes and generalizations about not being able to get along, with drama, mad black woman, etc. I also discuss how conflictual situations and misunderstandings can escalate due to “3rd Parties” aka “Instigators.”


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