From Trauma to Triumph Summit with Robin Wiggins

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Robin Wiggins Speaker Feat

This was one of the most touching stories from one of my speakers from my virtual summit From Trauma to Triumph.  I had to share her story below, with the world because I know soooo many people can relate to her situation of being homeless at the time she recorded this video.. Robin was not able to schedule a time for both of us to talk together because of her situation then, of not having her own space again to use her own computer but this phenomenal woman was determined to share her story and did it alone from the library. I was soooo touched. Her whole situation is different today and this was not too long ago. Tune into the video below where she shared her story from the library so she could unselfishly share her traumatic experience and encourage others in the same breath believing for better.

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ROBIN, Robin Wiggins, is a Worthy of Wealth Empowerment Partner, Speaker, RN Nurse by profession. She teaches other to how to dive deeper into their talents and skills so they can finally become the expert they desire to be. She shares her story of losing all of her material possessions and facing homelessness as a divorced mom and the challenges, the judgment of others who forget how easy it is to go from plenty to empty. Robin encourages you to keep the vision of triumph before you, in the midst… knowing that this too shall pass.


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