How to Repurpose Content for Your Purpose

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How to Repurpose ContentHow to Repurpose Content for Your Purpose.

Yes, so I have another great podcast talking about “How to Repurpose content” for Writing Blog, books, Speaking engagement, live and prerecorded videos, etc. I believe these are is great ideas for aspiring and current speakers, writers, bloggers, vloggers, etc. I wanted to do this one because I am always hearing creative people that I encounter conclude that although they want to write books, start blogs, use video and podcasts to share their expertise, knowledge or story, they feel as if they don’t have enough content to share, get started or keep it up. Well, I’m sharing various ways that I use and find content for writing, creating vlogs, blogs and live streams on social media. Truth is, we all may experience writer’s block at times depending on our mindset, situations, distractions, mental blocks, and busyness overload with harmonizing family, business, work, friends and more. Let me know if this was helpful to any of you or share with others. WATCH IT!


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