Single, Saved Unapologetic & Favored!

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Cee-Dee Single Unapologetic YouTube2

SOOO let me tell you, We’s be’s having fun connecting in my private Single Women of Purpose Group on Facebook. You are welcome to join us Single ladies. Come hang out and chime in with us on my YouTube Channel or the group to view this recent live chat (at bottom of page) about being unapologetic about being YOU, Acknowledging God’s provision in your singleness, getting out of your comfort place to make connections with like-minded individuals, and how the power of spontaneity can open you up to blessings and new adventures.

MEET my co-host and new friend Dietra Jones of Single Out Loud! I met her because although, I moved to a new city and state where none of my friends live, I made the decision to launch out into the world of social media. Because of my social activity of joining some wonderful groups, hosting my own virtual summits, and following like-minded men and women, I found out about local and distant events. I got out of the house, traveled, and participated/attended conferences, workshops and outdoor events, and met new people including Dietra, and other partners for joint projects. Dietra is a Workshop Facilitator, Interpersonal Development Specialist and Trainer, Speaker and Event’s Planner of travel and group tripping. She is a resource Queen and great at helping parents (women and men) strategize to organize their life, making the right connections and plain ole’ fun.

GOOD TIMES! We had a great time in this chat but we also wanted to inspire other single women and single moms to live on purpose. So if that means, expanding your circle or creating a new circle of friends or partnerships, learning to appreciate all of what you have experienced and overcome as well as doing something different that pulls you out of your comfort or complacent zone to break up the monotony.

GET OUT and do the darn thing. Prayerfully, you are a believer because then you can naturally ask God to order your steps into this next journey of your life. He will give you the courage and empowerment to live intentionally and on purpose. Moreover, allowing God to stretch you which will ultimately bring you more joy, excitement and self-fulfillment. As single women, Dietra and I are witnesses of experiencing how God has and is connecting us to people who play a role in our own endeavors to actualize our dreams, goals and visions.

Well, This is enough talking because we did enough of that in this video. Just wanted to share. Enjoy!


Cheryl Y. Howard, MA, BCPC, QMHP.