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Looking to join a group of women who: are focused on living their best life, healing from any past hurt or trauma, desire to live in our purpose, actualize visions and dreams and be positioned for greater and even marriage? If so, then join our private FB group of like-minded Single Women of Purpose: — with Cheryl Y Howard. All you have to do is answer three short questions to assess if this group match your needs and/or interests. We celebrate each other’s wins, support each other through challenges and help each other grow.

I’m so excited about this group I created on Facebook to encourage single women to walk in their purpose by investing in self emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and psychologically. When we women develop or increase our sense of emotional security and emotional safety within ourselves, we have invested in our emotional health and self-esteem. #singlewomenofpurpose #singlewomenofpurposetour

We’re Breaking through Barriers and Living our Purpose as Entrepreneurs, Success in our Careers/jobs, Moms, Leaders & Game changers. Becoming Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually & Psychologically Empowered as Single women. Positioning ourselves to be found Holistically Whole in our singleness for the right opportunity, future spouse, etc. We Collaborate, Mastermind & Support each other through Accountability, Information, Education & Affirmation.

Glad to have you! See you in the group!