Discovering True Self in the Midst.

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So this chapter (21) from my book “Let Me Out” was a blessing to myself because it reminded me of how God will anoint, strengthen and grace us to endure trials, battles and opposition. Also, self-discovery and identity reveals our core beliefs, true feelings and perception. 

One thing about life, you never really know how you will react to a particular situation until you go through it. I believe that most human beings have a fear of the unknown. By saying this, I’m relating myself to John the Baptist. After all the preaching, testifying, witnessing, and works of miracles, I wonder how I would react with REAL opposition or imprisonment. I can’t really imagine myself in jail.


It’s scary to think that there could be moment of doubt. I’m not saying that John doubted that Jesus was real but I’m merely stating the fact that he questions Jesus about being the one that he preached about.

John may not have recognized who Jesus was by his physical appearance but he knew him by his spirit because he bared witness to Jesus from the wound. I know my areas of frailty. I can do nothing right apart from God and without his strength. John was the least in the kingdom and I have felt like the least of persons that God would call. You see it’s not always about how many wrong things you’ve done in your life, but, it’s how you feel about yourself on the inside. Some people would say, “Well, I did worst things than you did so you shouldn’t feel this way but I did!” How you felt most likely dictated your behavior, decisions and path.

Our identity is partially developed by the how we perceive ourselves and how we think we fit in our society, how we communicate, relate and interact with others, self-revelation-of knowing who we are, other’s expectation or us, and what we expect of ourselves.

Personally, I believe from my own experiences that we never fully understand many scriptures or parables until we are in a predicament where we must now apply that parable to our lives. What keeps me alive is the hope of glory that Christ promises us if we endure to the end. The cross is a reminder to me of endurance, persecution, weight, forgiveness and love. I want to inherit the kingdom of God so I need to hear the voice of the true lover of my soul-Jesus! Jesus.

He doesn’t need a sentence, he is a sentence. He is the completion of all things. In him are the verb, noun, and adjective. He’s action by saving me and having died on the cross to set me free. He’s a noun by being both man and Go d manifested in the flesh. He’s an adjective by loving me unconditionally. Jesus taught using many parables.

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