Goddaughters Workshop Teen-Girl Mentoring & Dance Registration Summer 2018 #richmondva #rva #teengirls #girls

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GDW 8.2018

So our new location for this season’s empowerment workshop & dance sessions: 8401 Mayland Drive, Suite E1 Richmond VA. Suite (Capacity up to 20). Registration is still open. www.goddaughtersworkshop.com.  

It’s “Self-esteem, Abstinence Education, decreasing/eliminating Promiscuous Behavior, Sisterhood and Healthy Relationship building month” with my teen clients/mentees. I’m hitting them hard with facts, consequences, affirmations, learning to rewrite their histories (I’ll call it, “history in the making”) and not letting history dictate the future, breaking generational familial patterns, confidence & esteem building, embracing and empowering peers, cognitive-behavior and psychoeducation. It’s deliverance time…excited about how God is going to intervene, use me a vessel and conduit toward their breakthrough! 

From the director’s office: “Hosting our workshops at your location”