Single Women of Purpose Virtual Group is Open

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WE’RE EXCITED TO HAVE YOU GRACE US WITH YOUR PRESENCE AND PARTICIPATION. YOU CAN JOIN US HERE. IMPORTANT INFO BELOW BEFORE JOINING US!!! YES! It’s a FREE empowerment, group coaching, mentoring & supportive group for single women who made up their mind to live on and in their purpose by growing, healing, connecting, networking, collaborating and implementing life strategy, business, career, educational, holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit) and more. 

All you single ladies! Welcome to my newest Group for “Single Women of Purpose.” Join yourself or invite single women whom you know, would benefit from what we offer.
Join my email list for events, positive affirmations and more: Where we’re Breaking through Barriers and Living our Purpose as Entrepreneurs, Success in our Careers/jobs, Moms, Leaders & Game changers. Becoming Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually & Psychologically Empowered as Single women. Positioning ourselves to be found Holistically Whole in our singleness for the right opportunity, future spouse, etc. We Collaborate, Mastermind & Support each other through Accountability, Information, Education & Affirmation.
PREREQUISITES for this group:
1. Desire to be a part of a supportive community of single women.

1. Maintain a safe place to share personal and purpose goals.

2. WHEN posting achievements, progress and success toward your goal-PLEASE share How… so that other members can benefit, learn and apply what could be helpful for them.

3. DISPLAY respect, non-judgment, no shade/shaming and Only support of others.

4. PARTICIPATE in group activities and provide commentaries (comments):
4a). By ASKING and ANSWERING questions, display your support of others. 4b). SHARE your genius, brilliance, Knowledge & thoughts, ideas, and accomplishments. 4c). UTILIZE this supportive community to grow personally, ignite your inner-greatness & genius as a catapult to PUSH you forward, build or increase your confidence and faith in God’s purpose for you. 4d). IMPLEMENT strategies & Tips provided.

5. NO profanity allowed.

6. ABSOLUTELY no soliciting or self-promoting your activity (business or services) unless prompted/permitted by administrators) or on appointed promotion of progress days.

7. HERE, we will share relative resources (financial, biblical, relationship building, self-improvement, personal growth, materials, books, knowledge, pyschoeducation & more).

8. NO soliciting is allowed. Unsolicited solicitations will be taken down immediately. or