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I have to talk about this monumental event to share with you because so many of us have visions and dreams that we either keep in the back of our minds or write down on pages in our journals, notebooks or even on vision boards as a reminder to keep us accountable. However, many of us either get distracted, discouraged for several reasons or off focus from our goals to actualize our dreams and visions and they just stay on the pages and boards.


Well, the main purpose of this summit is to gently and boldly push you to the next level which is taking actions needed to birth those visions and dreams into reality. Sometimes we need cheerleading, a push, motivation, inspiration and coaching to help us move forward.


I know how important it is stay focused even if things we encounter in life makes us take a pause, we can still get back on track in due season. Well, this is due season for many of you. I believe testimonials, stories and shared experiences of other people who have gone through their own trials and mountainous situations similar to yours can be a powerful tool to move you closer toward destiny and purpose.


These speakers have extraordinary stories of success, past failures and restarts, the right mindset and practical actions steps that they will share so you can live what you dream as well. Their background is diverse therefore, able to relate to your journey and process. If you haven’t registered yet, you still can at:  Or


So there, after you have registered for free and join us on April 19-April 25 (7 days), I will be looking forward to hearing your testimonial about how you were inspired and changed from this summit. Please don’t forget to invite others in your neighborhood, community and family. Even share with your organization, church members, co-workers and people in transitional homes and shelters, etc. I want this to be blessing and life shift for someone including yourself. You can leave your comments and testimonials Here and also be the first to find out about upcoming events such as this, life purpose strategies, continued inspiration and motivational discussions and more.


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