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Mom and me

Yay! It’s here… I’m excited about me and my daughter’s new adventure.

Follow and/or subscribe now and be ready to tune into our broadcasts on our new YouTube channel “Mother Daughter Talk” where we will have tea talks, discussions on life, love, relationships, goals, skits, humor, mother-daughter and Father-daughter bond, education, peer pressure, self-esteem, inspirational, motivational moments and more. This will be fun! Thank you for the support, we are excited to share our conversations and creativity with you! Stay tuned 🎬 

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfxB2whRen97XRzNIf9SrnQ 

Watermark Grey MD Talk

Our Intro:

Here’s our first show topic, “Transitions and Truth Talk with mom.” To stay updated, you can subscribe to our channel at: