Equestrian Fun

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I had the most fun engaging in one of my favorite activities. Horseback riding.

Fun at work Equestrian2

But, what made it most special this time was bringing others with me for the equestrian component of interacting with horses.

Journey of Hope for Autism in Chesterfield VA is a special place that provides equine assisted services to people with developmental disabilities, Healing needs and anyone who loves horseback riding. Their specialty is teaching children with autism by helping build bonds and trust and allow them to open up with nature. The director and staff believes that “Horses and people have great healing powers and that is what this is all about.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria-director in Summer of 2016 when I was seeking part-time employment for a client who shared with me, his love for horse. It was then, that I fell in love with Journey of Hope and purposed in my mind that I would engage current and prospective clients (with or without disabilities) I feel would benefit from equine services. Heck, I enjoy it myself. Here are some photos posted on the non-for-profit organization’s Facebook Page.  And cool lady Victoria, is seen below with a white T-shirt and white horse with a pink bandana.

Tim on horse Ryan on horse

me on horse Journey of Hope

Enjoy your holiday weekend! BTW, what are you doing for the holiday? I want to know. I’m having a small family BBQ in my backyard…