We Had A Good Summit Run

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7 day email heading for summit

Hey Wonderfully Made People. I have to share how awesome my first virtual summit turned out. The speakers were impactful and shared their powerful stories of overcoming traumatic events in their lives. We all transparently described some of our battles with low self-esteem, forgiveness, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, insecurity, addictions, loss, and more. What I wanted was for people to be inspired, motivated and encouraged to live on and in their purpose.

Dr. Gabe Youtube

What top it off, is that my special guest speaker and consulting expert Dr. Gabriel Crenshaw aka Dr. Gabe, contributed to the summit by providing valuable insight about trauma. Dr. Gabe discussed the adverse effects or traumatic experiences and how they negatively impact us emotionally and mentally. He also shares a few intervention models that are effective/helpful toward coping, healing and overcoming symptoms of traumatic events.

I will never forget this experience and the testimonials I received in Facebook inbox posts from those who signed up and watched the video presentations of speakers. Since more people are still signing up for the summit while the replays are still available, you might as well sign up to in order to see the them at: bit.ly/traumatotriumphsummit. Please comment under videos, on this blog or any of my social media networks. Oh and have your pin and paper to journal the strategies shared by the speakers that may help you or someone you know, work through their traumatic experience and heal.