Think Differently About it!

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Cast down the negative thoughts and core beliefs.

Find alternative ways to think about an event/situation. Learn how to challenge your negative self talk and automatic responses to situations by:

  • Becoming skeptical of your own reactions and thoughts. Question YOUR questions and thoughts.
  • Start learning how to think differently about particular troubling matters and events.
  • Are they based on poor perceptions and our core beliefs? Take your power back.
  • Learn to question others who tend to impose their opinions and negative thoughts on you by using some socratic questioning (stem from Socrates’ teaching). 
  • Understanding how you usually respond to stress and then learning how to challenge those responses with mind transformation through questioning techniques.

I give a few examples on my podcast below on how to become empowered through self therapeutic talk, attack the attacking thought or impositions from others and seeking alternative ways to think about things that help you cope, problem-solve and stay in the fight. Keeping this post short so you can listen this podcast where I elaborate on above discussion.