Turning Your Pain Into a Platform

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Turning Pain into Platform

From Pain to Platform. I also help people redefine, redesign and repurpose their pain and perceived barriers into tools that will change their life, outlook, negative-sad narratives they tell themselves repeatedly due to painful experiences, and instead, become a blessing to others by sharing their story. Turn your pain into a platform.
I know that someone reading this post has a compelling story to tell that can pull someone else out of what seems like a pit and hellish situation. You know how it feels when you’re in the midst of a storm that appears as if it will last forever. I’m now thinking of Shari Lewis’ theme song that she used to sing on her show “Lamp Chop” The Song That Doesn’t End… and that is how hellish situations feel. As if they will never end.
I want to know if you’ve ever thought about using your story and pain to serve others? You know, helping others by sharing your story can also expedite your own healing in the process as well. This is because you are no longer focusing on what’s going on with you. You would be redirecting your focus, thoughts and emotions toward someone or something else-thus, giving yourself a mental and emotional break. Doesn’t that sound refreshing?!
There are plenty of ways in which you can help others through, from or out of your pain. Here are a few:
-Write a book
-Create a blog
-Create a  Youtube channel or podcast series
-Start or facilitate a support group
-Start speaking at local and/or national events
-Make connections with coordinators or event’s staff to speak at schools, libraries, shelters or transitional homes
-Create a group at your church or other religious organization
-Start a group/meet within your home with selective individuals
These are just a few ideas. You may come up with more.