Spring Cleaning Seasons & Transitions

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning 

Here’s a PRN (as needed) note: Many of us learned the habit of Spring cleaning from our families but it may also be a great idea to do the same in our personal lives. Some things need changing. Some things need throwing away. Some things need to be dusted off and repurposed just as I repurposed my photo above. Other things need reupholstering. A few people may need to be deleted. You follow me???
Even since I was a young girl, I liked changing and rearranging my furniture and repainting my bedroom, with my parent’s permission of course, because I would get somewhat bored and I like doing things such as being creative with my hands. I should try and get a job on HGTV. You think they will hire me. :). Yeah, I’m that type of woman who would lay down floor tiles or hardwood flooring, help build a house, and plant gardens.  Just a thought. Anyway, change is good if it gets you out of mundane or unproductive patterns that stifle your growth, creativity, vision or action steps toward goals.
Normally, when we spring clean or think of spring cleaning our homes (house, apartments, room, etc.) we remove dust from things we haven’t used in a while or things that remain idle. We get rid of things we don’t really need, including donating clothes, decor and furniture to thrift or consignment shops or people. Spring cleaning can also include changing our drapery, curtains, vanity pillow coverings, decor, adding fresh and new colors of paint, and thoroughly wash/disinfect corners, nooks and hidden (untouched/non-visible) locations within our place of residence. Well, often times, we need to do the same in our lives.
Sometimes we may need to change the company we keep (friends, associates, acquaintances, jobs/careers, etc). Although, adding new friends without changing is also an option-creating new circles of company that serve different purposes. The bottom line is that change can position us for bigger and better things, new insight, outlook, and spark/trigger creativity to break up the monotony and the same old routine of doing things. We used to spring clean our home growing up and it made us feel lighter, cleaner and new on the inside of us. I still do it now. So you see, it’s not just for the purpose of refreshing the external environment but spring cleaning also effect us internally (mind and spirit). Selah!
You’re welcome to leave commentaries below this post describing how or if you even thought about spring cleaning areas in your life and how it made way for transitions. Blessings!