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Gather together single ladies… Here I come. Schedule your city/date/location with me now. Would you like me to bring a S.W.O.P Workshop to you? Let’s talk deets: or fill out the form below for more details and to schedule a phone meeting if you’re interested in booking this tour. Visit my website for more about me, events and services.

Let’s get into formation, position and good posture ladies.

  • For the woman who want to feel empowered and armed with the tools you need to live on and in purpose.
  • For the woman feels sick and tired of being sick and tired of sitting on your vision and talking and not doing.
  • For women who want to shift their mindset; Embrace your greatness and genius.
  • For women who want to learn how to monetize their passion, talent, skill and purpose in order to supplement your income or start a business using what’s in your hands, heart and head.
  • For women who desire to develop real life strategies to help you break through patterns of mistakes and self-sabotaging activities that hinder you from living your best life in harmony and peace, maintaining healthy relationships.
  • For women who desire to learn how to position themselves for marriage by becoming confident and secured in order to ATTRACT their ideal M.O.G (man of God) & future husband.
  • For women who NEED to HEAL from past traumatic events/experiences, overcome insecurities and crippling fear.