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Pushing pass the wind (resistance) in order to experience manifested purpose. See the wind as your help, push and catalyst toward destiny. Work the wind!


I have often found myself fighting against SEASONAL winds, tumultuous storms and also minor breezes of situations and issues. Through all of them thus far, I have learned to stay in the fight, race and journey of pushing toward my goals. But I want you to know that the lessons didn’t always come easy nor were they easily received by myself. Yes, I asked the “Why” question. Hey, sometimes we need clarity and the peace to hold on.

I say this because, not all storms in life are easy to withstand. My strength and courage to withstand comes through tears, prayer, faith and even fasting sometimes. It all depends on what I am led to do… I know that pushing is not easy. It requires spiritual and mental stamina, tenacity and hope. Bottom line, I need you to survive through the wind… THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Honestly, sometimes I reminisce on past victories of overcoming major wind-storms which encourage me through current resistance and that often helps me to PUSH PASS THE WIND!

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