Your Male Presence Positively Impacts Your Daughter

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me and my Dad after moving...

So honored to have shared and contributed to this wonderful project to encourage fathers (Dads) on “Encouraging Dads” and “The Father Effect on Facebook” I wrote on how “Your Male Presence Can Positively Impact Your Children…”

There are many other wonderful stories of individuals experiences with their dads; how fathers can enhance their relationship with their children; positive parenting; and more.

I witnessed the comparison between children (especially daughters) who have emotionally available/invested fathers and those who are and/or not present physically at all. The outcomes I witnessed and explored were: father-daughter relationship also affects their daughter’s behavior and attitude towards school and academic achievement, religious beliefs, career development, peer relationships, and adult relationships such as marital happiness…See more

It’s also a great resource of encouragement for dads who are/was incarcerated or have been estranged from their children and want to repair and restore their relationships with their children. Visit the site following the above links. Perhaps you have a story that you want to share. You can submit a post on their website and they will view it before deciding to approve and posting.