Becoming Violent Toward Your Purpose

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It’s almost here. Join us on Saturday Live on Blab.

Get Your Life Back! Inspirational & Empowerment Specialist Cheryl

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Join Michael and I again by subscribing to this next show or just tune in on the day of, as we will be broadcasting Live on February 20, 2016 At 7:30pm.

Topic and Itenerary

*Positively Violent Towards Purpose*

Michael and I will be discussing: (1) There is a place and season for becoming violent and taking whatever it is by force. (2) Being positively violent and aggressive when obtaining your goal. (3) Networking and linkage in your pursuit of purpose. (4) Survival Mode for the place of contentment toward your endeavors. (5) Dangers of being stuck in survival mode. (6) Our stories. (7) Q&A and comments.

Maybe your’re too passive and discouraged from pursuing whatever it is that will bring you fulfillment and satisfaction and so you need some pick me up. Maybe you need to hear that there are others who feel or have felt your same…

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