“The Call is Calling Me”

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Who am I talking to on here?

Okay so, you feel the tugging and pull; and everywhere you go, and whenever you open your mouth, the evidence of it pours, flows and streams out of you. It’s easy for you to do. You can practically perform it with your eyes closed. You feel as though, it’s the very essence of you. It can feel as if it’s a blessing and a curse. No matter what else you align yourself to or with….this thang (yes I said thang) pursues, finds and almost haunts but a better word would be woo or call you.

I’m going to give you a minute…Selah! (You can hear the audio of this below)

Some of you may feel that if you don’t get to operate in it before you die physically, you’re going to die spiritually or even mentally give up. As a matter of fact, when you dibble and dabble in it INCONSISTENTLY, you feel great as if you’re in your element and glory. You feel most happy and sought of confident (I mentioned sought of because when we don’t actualize or engage in whatever the call is…we still experience increased nervousness and insecurity because we’re not operating in it frequently). The other evidence is, the impact and influence you have on others when you flow in the CALL!

Many Are Called?

Mathew tells us in Mathew 22:14 that, “For there are many called, but few chosen.” (ERV)-English Revised Version. Understand that many are called to do a special work including the local body. The ones who are chosen share similar promises, work diligently, and possess tenacity and determination to see what the end will be. I love this scripture and it’s one we can glean from. Although it’s communicating the call of God to serve, minister and to be saved, we can get the wisdom and example from it concerning our life’s purpose, and most importantly, God’s purpose for our lives and even our engrafted gifts, talents, skill and ability that He blessed us with to share with the world as long as it’s pleasing and acceptable to Him.

So I ask you again, “What is Calling You Over and Over Again?” He that has an ear…What are you drawn towards? What is your passion? Where are you most effective?