More TBI Awareness…

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More TBI Awareness:

Understanding individuals with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries): Many people do not understand what it is like living with a TBI or disability in any form. Many with TBI struggle with esteem and self-concept issues such as feeling you lost a sense of self because of the following symptoms and because the TBI is not immediately visible. We may misinterpret him/her as having mental illness or as ignorant without connecting their behavior to underlying issues, and treat people with TBI like many of us who have encountered a person who may display poor judgment or irrational behavior with a judgmental and disrespectful attitude by yelling or talking about them in a negative manner.

If there is trauma/damage to their Frontal lobes, then there will be manifestations of dis-inhibiting (lack of restraint, impulsivity, cognitive disabilities, emotional outburst, BI-Polar disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, poor concentration, feelings of anti-social/socially withdrawn, displacement, an emotional disconnect/numbing, intrusive memories, low self-esteem, depression, irritability, aggression, frustration, overwhelmed, avoidance, difficulty dealing with confrontation, misinterpreting social cues, inappropriate behavior, etc.). And these symptoms can even be more intense if the client has a past history of substance abuse. Because of any damage to the right frontal lobe, there may be short and long-term memory loss resulting in an inability to plan, organize, comprehend, problem-solve, cope, low initiative and motivation/determination, low interests and social interaction, low to mild engagement in dialogue, etc. The emotional disconnect often results in not being able to show an appropriate emotion to good memories or events or unable to express themselves-leaving the other person (without TBI) feeling alone without intimacy or thinking the person is uninterested. If you want to know more about TBI see

**Many of us have all experience many of these above issues without a physical or mental disability due to various situations, traumas such sexual abuse, molestation, broken parental relationships, poor communication skills, financial & environmental issues, and more… Personal life coaching can help you navigate and see your way clear with new mindset and life perspective that will help you in the midst of hardship and challenges to get your life back.**