It’s Not Me! So Let Me Out!

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Some people are born artists. Our society sometimes frown on the artistic side of human beings and try to fit them into a prescribed mapped out ideal career or education tract. This is one of the reasons why so many of us are unhappy at our jobs, because simply put, “It’s not us” or we have trouble adjusting or discontent but since we have to make a living…and the fact that we have been conditioned to think that WE HAVE to always settle and fall into the system because we have to work at doing something. But we as parents who are whole and know better, understand that we have to raise up a child in THE WAY THAT HE/SHE SHOULD GO, OH come on somebody, I bet you never applied this scripture to this area right? But I want you to know that you and I can Get Our Life Back! The life God originally ordained, purposed, engrafted, gifted, talented and empowered us to live, even if it doesn’t fit into the ‘norm’ and as long as it’s pleasing to God! Amen. I’m fin to set someone free today! This message came to me first and I’m sharing it with you because it was meant for me to release and bless others. They’re trying to tell you that your name is Toby and you are trying to tell ‘them’ “No, it’s Kunta Kinte.

Pick up your copy of my first book and be encouraged by my testimonials and Godly wisdom on overcoming obstacles, ruts, dens, valleys, mountains, miry clay, storms hills, bottom of a wine press experiences …. to allowing God lift you and liberate you and then you will see the plan of God and what He has anointed you for down here, on Earth, as it is in Heaven! Go go ahead and let yourself out by the hand of God to start walking by faith-walking on water, going to new places as God leads you, stepping our of fear, networking outside you normal circles, coming our of your shell, achieving your dreams, goals, exploring your talents and gifts, get ready to spread your wings!


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